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It’s time to learn how to pronounce the places in Spanish translation. The vecindario o barrio is translated as neighborhood in English. As you progress through your Spanish lessons, you will undoubtedly be asked many questions regarding places to go in Spanish. How can you properly say the names of places in Spanish? What’s a typical “place” in a typical neighborhood?

How do you say the name of places?


zoo in spanish

Zoológico (Zoo)


neighborhood in spanish

Vecindario (Neighborhood)


university in spanish

Universidad (University)


shoes store in spanish

Tienda de Zapatos (Shoe Store)


clothing store in spanish

Tienda de Ropas (Clothing Store)


music store in spanish

Tienda de Música (Music Store)


pet store in spanish

Tienda de Mascotas (Pet Store)


sport store in spanish

Tienda de Deportes (Sports Store)



convenience store in spanish

Tienda de Conveniencia (Convenience Store)


beauty salon in Spanish

Tienda de Belleza (Beauty Store)


supermarket in Spanish

Supermercado (Supermarket)


restaurant in spanish

Restaurante (Restaurant)


prison in spanish

Prisión, Cárcel (Prison)


beach in spanish

Playa (Beach)


pool is spanish

Piscina (Pool)


beauty salon in spanish

Peluquería (Beauty Salon)


park in spanish

Parque (Park)


bakery in spansh

Panadería (Bakery)


orphanage in spanish

Orfanato (Orphanage)


post office in spanish

Oficina Postal (Post Office)


museum in spanish

Museo (Museum)


furniture store in spanish

Mueblería (Furniture Store)


bookstore in spanish

Librería (Bookstore)


laundrymat in spanish

Lavandería (Laundromat)


toy store in spanish

Juguetería (Toy Store)


jewelry in spanish

Joyería (Jewelry Store)


church in spanish

Iglesia (Church)


hotel in spanish

Hotel (Hotel)


hospital in spanish

Hospital (Hospital)


gas in spanish

Gasolinera (Gas Station)


pharmacy in spanish

Farmacia (Pharmacy)


stadium in spanish

Estadio (Stadium)


gymnasium in spanish

Gymnasio (Gymnasium)


train station in spanish

Estación de Trenes (Train Station)


police station in spanish

Estación de Policía (Police Station)


fire station in spanish

Estación de Bomberos (Fire Station)



Escuela (School)


candy store

Dulcería (Candy Store)


drug store in spanish

Droguería (Drug Store)



Clínica (Clinic)



Círculo Infantil (Daycare)


circus in spanish

Circo (Circus)


movie theater in Spanish

Cine (Movie Theater)


mall in spanish

Centro Comercial (Mall)


coffee shop

Cafetería (Coffee Shop)



Biblioteca (Library)


barber shop

Barbería (Barber Shop)



Banco (Bank)


nursing home

Asilo de Ancianos (Nursing Home)



Aeropuerto (Airport)


butcher shop

Carnicería (Butcher Shop)



Discoteca (Disco)

A good way is to start saying the words over in your head, and then repeating them in your ears until they sound as close to the original language as possible. Another way is to use humor to fill in the spaces where the speakers of the language do not. There are many ways to learn Spanish quickly and learning to master the conversational Spanish tense will certainly help you become successful in any type of conversation.

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