Ovarian Cyst in Spanish

Ovarian cyst in Spanish: quiste ovárico. An ovarian cyst is a membranous sac that contains a solid or liquid substance. It can be inside an ovary or on its surface. Ovarian cysts usually disappear after a few months. However, if they don’t, they can lead to complications. They form when the follicle that releases an egg typically fails to open or vice versa; it does not close appropriately after releasing the egg. This causes fluid to build up, and a cyst forms. It is usual for them to form due to a menstrual cycle. But not to worry because the body expels them. Most ovarian cysts do not cause symptoms. When they are increasing, it can present irregular bleeding. Other symptoms are pain during sexual intercourse or irregular bowel movements.

Ovarian Cyst in Spanish

To treat them, you should see a specialist. Many cysts go away on their own. Otherwise, treatment includes birth control pills and surgery. To prevent complications, regular examinations are recommended.

Many of the women are affected by ovarian cysts at some point in life. Most of these ovarian cysts are uncomfortable but harmless and disappear without treatment within a few months.

How to say ovarian cyst in Spanish?

ovarian cyst – quiste ovárico


Lily: Carlos, me detectaron un quiste ovárico | Carlos, I was detected an ovarian cyst

Carlos: Lo siento mucho amor, ¿cuál es el tratamiento que debes de hacer? | I’m so sorry love, what is the treatment you should do?

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Sentences with the term ovarian cyst in Spanish

Señora en los exámenes encontramos un quiste ovárico de gran tamaño.Madam, in the exams we find a large ovarian cyst.
Los detalles para la fertilidad asistida serán posterior a la cirugía por quiste ovárico.Details for assisted fertility will be after surgery for ovarian cyst.
Vamos a aplicar una amniocentesis, la aspiración de un quiste ovárico.We are going to apply an amniocentesis, the aspiration of an ovarian cyst.
Participo en un estudio pediátrico para el tratamiento de quiste ovárico en recién nacidas.I participate in a pediatric study for the treatment of ovarian cysts in newborns.
La mayoría de los quistes ováricos no son verdaderos, sino estructuras llenas de líquido.Most ovarian cysts are not true cysts, but fluid-filled structures.
De acuerdo al tamaño del quiste ovárico es la capacidad de respuesta del ovario.According to the size of the ovarian cyst is the responsiveness of the ovary.
Se han proliferado mucho en la última década problemas de quiste ovárico o miomas.Problems of ovarian cysts or fibroids have proliferated a lot in the last decade.
En este laboratorio atendemos problemas anexiales como el quiste ovárico.In this laboratory we treat adnexal problems such as ovarian cysts.
El quiste ovárico se crea debido a afecciones relacionadas con las hormonas.Ovarian cyst is created due to hormone related conditions.
El síndrome de ovario poliquístico, es cuando a la paciente se le reproducen muchos quistes ováricos.Polycystic ovary syndrome is when the patient reproduces many ovarian cysts.
Podemos decir que fue curada completamente del quiste ovárico.We can say that she was completely cured of the ovarian cyst.
Durante la adolescencia la presencia de un quiste ovárico puede ser normal.During adolescence the presence of an ovarian cyst may be normal.
No se preocupe, esta prueba nos podrá mostrar si usted tiene un quiste ovárico.Don’t worry, this test can show us if you have an ovarian cyst.
Muchos pequeños quistes ováricos puede afectar la capacidad de fertilidad.Many small ovarian cysts can affect fertility ability.
Tenemos algunas dudas, puede ser quiste ovárico o ensanchamiento del ovario.We have some doubts, it may be an ovarian cyst or enlargement of the ovary.
Los sangramientos por quiste ovárico hay que observarlos, pueden causar anemia.Ovarian cyst bleeding must be observed, it can cause anemia.
El quiste ovárico se forma en la superficie del ovario, pero puede desaparecer durante el ciclo menstrual.The ovarian cyst forms on the surface of the ovary, but it can disappear during the menstrual cycle.
Imaginé que tenía un quiste ovárico, algo con lo que había lidiado hacía muchos años.I imagined I had an ovarian cyst, something I had dealt with many years ago.
Brindamos consejos sobre alimentos, para personas con sobrepeso y quiste ovárico.We provide advice on food, for people with overweight and ovarian cyst.
A un veinte por ciento de mujeres posmenopáusica se les puede desarrollar un quiste ovárico.Twenty percent of postmenopausal women may develop an ovarian cyst.

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