Bed Bugs in Spanish

How to say bed bugs in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice bed bugs en español? Bed bugs in Spanish translation: chinches. ‘Bed bugs’ is a small, reddish-brown parasitic insect the size of an apple seed that bites the skin to feed on blood. They are found in beds and can bite both humans and sleeping animals, producing red patches on the skin, often with a darker red spot in the middle.

Bed bugs hide in cracks and box springs, as well as in crevices, headboards, bed frames, and any other objects around them. We can find bed bugs more often in public places like hotels, hospitals, or homeless shelters.

Bed Bugs in Spanish

Bed bugs – Chinches


Lily:  ¡Carlos, mira, la cama tiene chinches! | Carlos, look, the bed has bed bugs!

Carlos: ¿En verdad? | Really?

Sentences with the term bed bugs in Spanish

Esos chinches son muy molestos.Those bedbugs are very annoying.
Mi cama está repleta de chinches desde hace dos años.My bed has been full of bed bugs for two years.
El grupo de chinches sobrevolaba la laguna.The group of bugs flew over the lagoon.
Quiero criar chinches para aumentar su población.I want to breed bed bugs to increase their population.
Los chinches salieron por la tubería del baño.The bed bugs came out through the bathroom pipe.
Somos el grupo que lucha contra la extinción del chinche.We are the group that fights against the extinction of the bedbug.
Quiero exterminar a todos los chinches que están en mi casa.I want to exterminate all the bedbugs that are in my house.
A decir verdad, esos chinches no eran tan malos.Truth be told, those bedbugs weren’t that bad.
Reconozco que ese pastel de chinches está delicioso.I admit that bedbug cake is delicious.
¿Quién tiene algún veneno para esos chinches?Who has any poison for those bedbugs?
Han desaparecido los chinches por completo.Bedbugs have completely disappeared.
Ella tenía posado un par de chinches en el cabello.She had a couple of bed bugs in her hair.
Los pollos estaban comiendo chinches de una tabla que había en el patio.The chickens were eating bed bugs from a board in the yard.
Diez chinches conté ayer cuando fui al portal.Ten bed bugs I counted yesterday when I went to the portal.
Dentro del arroz viven cinco variedades de chinches.Inside the rice live five varieties of bugs.
A seis metros de altura, viven en un árbol, una población de chinches rojos.At six meters high, they live in a tree, a population of red bugs.
Me he comido dos chinches que estaban dentro del pan.I have eaten two bed bugs that were inside the bread.
Esa habitación se encontraba repleta de chinches y mosquitos.That room was full of bedbugs and mosquitoes.
Es infección de chinches es incontrolables.It’s bed bug infection is uncontrollable.
Muchas especies de aves se alimentan de chinches.Many species of birds feed on bed bugs.
El grupo de chinches tiene como líder un lagarto verde.The group of bedbugs is led by a green lizard.
Después del tornado, se desató una plaga de chinches.After the tornado, a bed bug infestation broke out.
¡Qué desesperado me tienen estos chinches!How desperate these bedbugs have me!
Tengo picaduras de chinches por todo el brazo.I have bed bug bites all over my arm.
Estas erupciones son causadas por los chinches.These rashes are caused by bed bugs.
Dentro de mis zapatos viven dos chinches flacos y uno tuerto.Inside my shoes live two skinny bugs and one one-eyed.
Tengo como mascotas tres chinches que me acompañan a todos lados.I have three bedbugs as pets that accompany me everywhere.
Aléjate de esas tablas que están llenas de chinches.Stay away from those boards that are full of bed bugs.
Llevaba una bolsa de chinches para hacer experimentos.He was carrying a bag of bedbugs to do experiments with.
Cuando nos casemos, quiero que me regales una casa libre de chinches.When we get married, I want you to give me a bedbug-free house.

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