Fire Extinguisher in Spanish

How to say fire extinguisher in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice fire extinguisher en español? Fire extinguisher in Spanish translation: extintor de incendios. ‘Fire extinguisher’ is a device that contains a fire extinguishing agent, which can be projected and directed on the fire by the action of an internal pressure, intended to put out an incipient or controlled fire until the arrival of specialized personnel, they should never be used for very large fires, as a fire extinguisher would not be enough.

Fire extinguishers are the fastest, most effective and immediate way to put out the fire and stop its progress, in fact they are so necessary in homes, industries, business centers, companies, schools, offices, vehicles and anywhere where there may be a risk of fire, and are required as a safety rule.

Fire Extinguisher in Spanish

extintor de incendios – fire extinguisher

extintor – fire extinguisher

matafuegos (Spanish compound nouns) – fire extinguisher


Lily:  ¡Carlos, urgente, trae el extintor de incendios! | Carlos, urgently, bring the fire extinguisher!

Carlos: ¡Dios mío! | OMG

Sentences with the term fire extinguisher in Spanish

El extintor se encontraba en el fondo del pasillo.The fire extinguisher was at the end of the corridor.
He entregado el extintor que me prestaron.I’ve handed over the fire extinguisher you lent me.
¿Con cuál extintor extinguieron el fuego?With which extinguisher did they extinguish the fire?
Era de color rojo el extintor de mi hermano.My brother’s fire extinguisher was red.
No había con que apagar las llamas hasta que apareció un extintor.There was no way to put out the flames until a fire extinguisher appeared.
Era un extintor antiguo el que tenía en mi casa.It was an old fire extinguisher that I had in my house.
El niño lleno de espuma el salón proveniente del extintor.The boy filled the room with foam from the fire extinguisher.
Juan cogió el extintor y corrió hacia el lugar del incendio.Juan took the extinguisher and ran towards the place of the fire.
Tenemos como trofeo un extintor por nuestro coraje.We have a fire extinguisher as a trophy for our courage.
Fuimos los únicos que portábamos un extintor de calidad.We were the only ones who carried a quality fire extinguisher.
El esgrimía el extintor de incendios con maestría.He wielded the fire extinguisher expertly.
Cada bombero tiene su extintor en caso de emergencia.Every firefighter has the extinguisher on him in case of an emergency.
Todo extintor tiene su seguro que parece una espoleta de granada.Every fire extinguisher has a lock that looks like a grenade fuse.
Ella usaba el extintor como almohada.She used the fire extinguisher as a pillow.
Quiero ofrecerte este extintor para que lo conviertas en un jarrón.I want to offer you this fire extinguisher so that you can turn it into a vase.
Durante el rescate, se nos cayó el extintor del camión.During the rescue, we dropped the fire extinguisher from the truck.
El bombero arrancó el extintor de la pared y echó a correr.The fireman ripped the fire extinguisher off the wall and started running.
Ojalá supiese dónde yo habré puesto el extintor de mi abuelo.I wish I knew where I put my grandfather’s fire extinguisher.
Un extintor siempre puede ser útil.A fire extinguisher can always come in handy.
Hay un extintor en cada pasillo en mi centro de trabajo.There is a fire extinguisher in every hallway in my workplace.
Aplastó su cráneo con un extintor.He crushed his skull with a fire extinguisher.
Entre sus pertenencias se encontraba un extintor plateado.Among his belongings was a silver fire extinguisher.
Tuve que usar un extintor para destupir mi nariz.I had to use a fire extinguisher to unclog my nose.
Mi niña tiene como juguete un extintor.My daughter has a fire extinguisher as a toy.
Dentro de la tienda están vendiendo un extintor.Inside the store they are selling a fire extinguisher.
Nadie tiene derecho a esconderme mi extintor.No one has the right to hide my fire extinguisher from me.
Encima de la azotea hay un extintor en caso de emergencia.On the roof there is a fire extinguisher in case of emergency.
Somos los bomberos que salvamos un edificio con tan solo un extintor.We are the firefighters who saved a building with just a fire extinguisher.
El extintor es un elemento importante en los incendios.The extinguisher is an important element in fires.
Tomen un extintor y vayan al lugar del siniestro.Take a fire extinguisher and go to the scene of the accident.
¡Trae el extintor de incendios ahora!Get the fire extinguisher now!
En la casa hay un extintor de incendios.In the house there is a fire extinguisher.
Los extintores de incendios son necesarios.Fire extinguishers are necessary.
Los extintores de incendios son importantes.Fire extinguishers are important.
En casa de mi padre hay un matafuegos.In my father’s house there is a fire extinguisher.
Nuestro centro necesita un extintor de incendios.Our center needs a fire extinguisher.

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