My Heart in Spanish

Result 1: How do you say ‘my heart in Spanish’?. ‘My heart’ is a phrase that is used when you want to talk about your heart. The heart is one of the organs that make up the cardiovascular system, it is about the size of a fist, it is made up of muscle tissue and is responsible for pumping blood throughout the body through blood vessels, tubes called arteries and veins. This process of transporting blood throughout the body is called circulation.

Result 2: In addition to what the term ‘my heart’ really symbolizes, this phrase can also be used when we refer to someone with a different and closer feeling, with affection and love. In this case this phrase is similar to ‘my love’.

How to translate my heart in Spanish?

my heart – mi corazón

my love – mi amor, mi corazón

Conversation 1:

Lily: Hola mi corazón | Hello, my love

Carlos: Hola cariño | Hi dear

Conversation 2:

Lily: Tengo que chequearme mi corazón, porque tengo la presión alta | I have to check my heart, because I have high blood pressure

Carlos: Está bien | OK


Mi corazón está roto por ti
Hola mi corazón
Mi corazón late muy rápido
El doctor revisa mi corazón
Mi corazón está feliz


My heart is broken for you
Hello, my love
My heart beats very fast
The doctor checks my heart
My heart is happy

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