Memrise Spanish

People who use the Memrise program to learn Spanish have shown enviable progress. The Memrise app is popular due to the didactic learning methods it offers. Unlike other programs, Memrise uses not only grammar exercises but also pronunciation and text comprehension exercises.

Memrise Spanish

People using Memrise to learn Spanish must first register and download the app. After the user registers he can take a test exercise. Finally, the user must establish a daily goal of how many phrases or words he is willing to learn per day. The program has the option to start as a beginner or from an intermediate level. As the user progresses, they can modify the goal established at the beginning. People don’t need to download the application they can learn directly from the page just by registering.

Memrise Spanish Review

The program offers various courses to learn from the basics such as numbers and colors to confrontations or work. In the Spanish courses, the client can advance by level. The user can also decide to advance from more specific categories such as vocabulary or verb conjugation. Of course, the client is the one who decides what type of category he wants to learn.

The exercises of the application are not repetitive but they do teach the same word in different variants. Each course shows the time in hours it would take for a client to master a category. As the person progresses, the exercises become more complicated and test the user’s memory. All users control the schedules and the time they spend on the application.

People who use Memrise to learn Spanish understand the language faster. The app is not only educational but also quite fun. The program uses the growth of a flower to mark the user’s progress with each word. In addition, the application offers a list where people can compare their progress with other users. Users with long working hours probably think that this application is not an option for them.

Spanish Vocabulary

The Memrise app offers quick review or listening options that are simple and take little time. The program also offers as an option other types of review from intensive to expanding vocabulary. In addition, people who download the application have the option to set a reminder so they don’t lose their daily progress.

Spanish is a language that is difficult to understand due to all the tenses it has. For this reason, the program offers an option to review the language with people whose native language is Spanish. The client who has used this option has found it easier to understand the tenses. There are also forums where the client can share their experiences and even exchange knowledge with other users.

The program has a profile for each client. In this profile the user can observe the level in which he is, the points accumulated and the words learned. In addition, the client can see how many points he needs to advance to another level.


People cannot learn a language from an application but they can use it to understand the basics. Students who use Memrise to learn Spanish are clear that the program only complements their learning. It should also be established that Memrise is an easily accessible application. The user only needs an internet connection to be able to register. It is also an easy application for the student to understand and with an eye-catching design. Certainly, the application is not the only option to learn the Spanish language but it is a good way to start.

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