Irregular Verbs in Spanish: Estar, Ir, Dar

Irregular Verbs in Spanish

Irregular Verbs: estar, ir, dar
Read about how to use the irregular verbs  in Spanish. Learn to apply Spanish grammar rules with online lessons. Learn more about helpful tips on how to improve your language.

Note: Notice that “ir” and “dar” follow the same pattern as “estar”; they are irregular in the first person singular (yo).


Subject – estar(to be) ir(to go) dar(to give)

Yo (I)-estoy / voy / doy

Tú (You)(Informal)-estás / vas / das

Usted (You)(Formal)-está / va / da

Él/Ella(He/She)-está / va / da

Nosotros(as)(We)-estamos  / vamos / damos

Vosotros(as)(You)(Informal)-estáis / vais / dais

Ustedes(You)(Formal)-están / van / dan

Ellos(as)(They)-están / van / dan

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