Irregular Commands: Tú

Which of the Following Tú Commands is Irregular?

Irregular Commands: Tú

Learn how to use the irregular commands: tú in Spanish. The following eight verbs have irregular informal commands in the affirmative:

decir – di (to say)

salir – sal(to get out)

hacer – haz(to do)

ser – sé (to be)

ir – ve(to go)

tener – ten(to have)

poner – pon(to put)

venir – ven (to come)

Note:  The irregularities only occur with affirmative “tú” commands. As with all other verbs, to form negative informal commands with these verbs, use the “tú” form of the Present subjunctive.


Di la verdad. (Tell the truth)

No digas mentiras. (Don’t tell lies)

Haz tu limpieza. (Make your cleaning)

No hagas la limpieza. (Do not do the cleaning)

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