How to Learn Spanish Fast with 5 steps

How long does it take to learn Spanish in 5 minutes?

 How to Learn Spanish Fast

If you want to learn Spanish very fast, this article will outline some excellent techniques that are going to help you make sure that you do. Follow these five steps, and you will learn much faster than those who do not take the extra effort – up to 300% faster. You’ll see these tips are simple but very useful, and it’s quite common for students using them to increase their learning rate by three times.

Firstly, know why you’re learning Spanish. Make sure you understand why you are learning Spanish – whether it’s to gain fluency for a job application, prepare for a holiday to Spain in one month, or reach a sufficient conversational level to get by only Spanish in Mexico. Most students don’t have a detailed picture in their heads about why they are learning, which they can head towards and measure their improvement. If you know why you are learning and where you are heading your mind will absorb the new language twice. This sounds quite obvious, but many students do not do it when they begin.


Secondly, try and make this reason a tangible goal that you can aim for. For example, if you want to pass an exam for a job application, study that exam before you even begin lessons – know what it contains and what exactly you will need to know to pass it. You can then study and pay special attention to exactly what the exam requires. If you aim to survive in Spain on holiday in a month, think about exactly what language you will need – like emergency language, restaurant language, small talk, etc. – and only learn this language, but master it. If you’re learning so that you can talk in Spanish, then set a goal to speak in Spanish alone for an entire day.


Your mind will absorb Spanish much faster in lessons now that you have this solid goal to head towards. When your subconscious mind has been given a solid goal to aim for, it absorbs information twice faster that will help it get there.


Thirdly, add time pressure to this goal. For example, set the exam for six months. And commit to sit that exam in 6 months no matter what. Promise to yourself that you will avoid all English-speakers on your holiday. If your goal is to become fluent, ask someone you know that speaks fluent Spanish to talk to you only in Spanish for one whole day in a month. And ask them to hold you to it.


Your mind will focus wonderfully during lessons because of this extra bit of pressure. Notice how different your attitude and speed of learning are to other students with no idea of a good reason for learning; no specific goal or time pressure!

Fourthly, make sure you carefully consider your options for exactly how you will take your Spanish lessons. Classroom-based lessons are often actually not the best places to learn Spanish. The pace usually slows down to the slowest student’s speed, and the teacher’s attention is divided between 10 or 20 students.


Going to stay in a Spanish-speaking country is the best way to advance fast. If this isn’t realistic for you, the next best way is to find a good home-study course, to learn at your own pace, in your comfort, then follow step 5. 


And step 5 is to get in at the deep end! This step is the most important of all if you are serious about learning Spanish fast, but for some reason, most students don’t take it. It is to find a native Spanish Speaker who will regularly meet with you to have a conversation at their average talking speed and in their normal accent. Do this, and you will improve ten times faster than most students.


Most students will never take this step. People go to hundreds of Spanish classes but never once expose themselves to real, native-spoken Spanish. They then have real trouble understanding anyone when they need to use the language. Make sure you’re not one of them!


Just knowing these five steps already ensures you will learn Spanish 3 times as fast as the next student. Enjoy your new language!

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