How do you say goodbye in Spanish

Goodbye in Spanish translation: adiós.

Goodbye is a word from the English language that is an expression of taking leave from someone and also means to bid farewell to someone.

How do you say goodbye in Spanish

Goodbye is usually said to a person when you are departing or taking a leave from a place. It is
said to bid a good time ahead to the other person.

How do you say Goodbye in Spanish?

goodbye – adiós

Sentences with the word goodbye in Spanish

Si no tienes más que decir, adiós.If you have nothing more to say, goodbye.
Adiós, nos vemos en otro momento.Goodbye, see you another time.
Ya me tienes cansada, adiós.I’m already tired, bye.
Adiós, no hay nada más que hacer.Goodbye, there is nothing else to do.
Voy para la escuela, adiós.I’m going to school, bye.
Adiós vida mía, nos veremos algún día.Goodbye my love, we will see each other someday.
Te tengo que colgar, adiós.I have to hang up, bye.
Cuando todo esto acabe solo diré adiósWhen this is all over I’ll just say goodbye
Adiós, mi amor y que te vaya bien.Goodbye, my love and have a good day.
¿Cuántas veces has dicho adiós?How many times have you said goodbye?
Adiós dirás el día que te lo pida.Goodbye you will say the day I ask you.
Te digo adiós y sin embargo te amo.I say goodbye to you and yet I love you.
Adiós no es más que el comienzo del final.Goodbye is but the beginning of the end.
Siempre he sido buena para decir adiósI’ve always been good at saying goodbye
Vete sin mirar atrás cuando te digan adiós.Leave without looking back when they say goodbye.
Adiós mi rey que a la guerra voy.Goodbye my king, I am going to war.
Esa novela trata del adiós.That novel is about goodbye.
Adiós no te quiero para este trabajo.Bye, I don’t want you for this job.
Un placer haberte conocido pero adiós.Nice to have met you but goodbye.
Adiós mis sueños de ser actriz.Goodbye my dreams of being an actress.
Tu partida fue el más doloroso adiós.Your departure was the most painful goodbye.
Adiós y no vuelvas por estos lares.Goodbye and do not come back to these parts.
¿Cuántas veces tendré que decirte adiós?How many times will I have to say goodbye to you?
Adiós solo le dices a quien no te merece.Goodbye, you only tell someone who doesn’t deserve you.
Me rompe el alma sentir tu adiós.It breaks my soul to feel your goodbye.
Adiós padre nos vamos de pesca.Goodbye father, we’re going fishing.
Hace cinco años que le dije adiós y aún lo amo.It’s been five years since I said goodbye to him and I still love him.
Adiós dijiste y nadie te creyó.Goodbye you said and no one believed you.
¡Qué triste fue el decirte adiós!How sad it was to say goodbye to you!
Adiós mi vida, que seas muy feliz.Goodbye my life, may you be very happy.

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