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How to Say Goodbye in Spanish? | Study Online

How to say goodbye in Spanish?

First, a farewell (goodbye in Spanish) is a good thing to do when parting ways with someone. Whether it’s because of a job change or a life event, one feels sad as the ties that bind you are cut. This is where Goodbyes in Spanish come in. Goodbye can mean a lot of things in different contexts, but they all mean the same thing-seclusion from another person, especially one who is someone one deeply loves. And, goodbyes in Spanish are one way to complete the process of giving and receiving separation.

What are some Spanish farewells?

Farewells in Spanish list

Find out below how to pronounce the most popular ways to say goodbye in Spanish.
Fue un placer hablar contigo (It was a pleasure talking to you)

También (Too)

Un placer (A pleasure)

Encantado de conocerte (Nice to meet you)

Encantado de verte (Nice to see you)

Hasta pronto (See you soon)

Hasta mañana (See you tomorrow)

Hasta luego (See you later)

Adiós (Goodbye)

What are some formal and informal farewells in Spanish?

Informal farewells in Spanish

Bye-bye = Adiós
See u later = Hasta luego
See u tomorrow = Hasta mañana
See you soon = Hasta pronto
Talk to you later = Te hablo luego (goodbye)
Take it easy = Tómalo con calma (goodbye)

Formal farewells in Spanish

Goodbye = Adiós
Have a nice day = Que tengas un buen día (goodbye)
Have a good _____ = Que tengas una/un/unos/unas _____ (goodbye)
Takecare = Cuídate (goodbye)
It was nice to see you = Fue agradable verte (goodbye)
It was nice seeing you = Que bueno verte (goodbye)

Good night = Buenas noches (goodbye)

So, what are goodbyes in Spanish? One can express a lot of emotions through goodbyes in Spanish, making the farewell speech that much more meaningful. The use of language in any given communication is one of the most important aspects of communication; in business and personal life alike.

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