Hay in Spanish Translation

How do you use hay in Spanish translation?

In this lesson you are going to learn how to use hay in Spanish translation.

hay verb form in spanish

The verb form “hay” has two meanings:

hay (for singular) – there is hay (for plural) – there are

Hay in Spanish translation

How to translate hay in Spanish?


Hay muchos papeles en el escritorio. – There are many papers on the desk.

Hay un lápiz encima de la mesa. There is a pencil on the table.

Hay dos cuartos en mi casa.-There are two bedrooms in my house.

Hay siete continentes en el planeta. There are seven continents on the planet

When used in questions:


¿Hay una playa cerca?-  Is there a beach nearby?

¿Hay muchos animales en el zoológico?-  Are there many animals in the zoo?

¿Hay cuatro sillas en la mesa? – Are there 4 chairs in the table?

¿Hay un chico o dos? – Is there a boy or two?

Note: The verb form “hay” can also be used to answer questions.


Question: ¿Hay un restaurante en el centro comercial?- Is there a restaurant in the mall?
Sí.hay – Yes. Yes there is.

Question: ¿Hay algunas revistas por aquí?- Are there some magazines around here?
No. No hay – No. There aren’t.

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