Gusta vs Gustan in Spanish

When to use Gusta Vs Gustan in Spanish?

When to choose: gusta vs gustan in Spanish?. Gusta (singular object) vs Gustan (plural object) 


– The word “gusta” is singular, this applies when the subject is only one.




A Marta le gusta su casa – Marta likes her house. 

A mi me gusta ir al cine – I like to go to the movie theater

A Mario le gusta cantar – Marios likes to sing

A nosotros nos gusta conversar – We like to talk

A ellos les gusta trabajar – They like to work


– The word “gustan” is plural. It refers to more than one subject.


How does this work? Gusta vs Gustan in Spanish



A los chicos les gustan los carros – The boys like the cars 

A mi me gustan los pollos fritos – I like fried chickens 

A ti te gustan los vegetables – You like the vegetables 

Me gustan las clases – I like the classes

Nos gustan los libros – We like the books


The verb gustar takes the form of a verb “gusta” when the subject of the sentence is in the singular but becomes “gustan” when the subject is plural. 


Both “gusta” and “gustan” indicate someone’s liking for something, but should be used depending on whether the topic is singular or plural. 



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