Gender of Nouns in Spanish

Does Spanish language have gender of nouns?

Study how to use the gender of nouns in Spanish. Learn Spanish grammar with online lessons. Vocabulary translation from English to Spanish with words and phrases.

Gender of Nouns in Spanish
A noun is a part of speech that denotes a person, animal, place, thing, or idea.

In Spanish, all nouns are either masculine or feminine.

What are common gender nouns in Spanish?

Masculino (Masculine) – Femenino (Feminine)

el chico (the boy) – la revista (the magazine)

el calor (the heat) – la casa (the house)

el libro (the book) – la abuela (the grandmother)

el abuelo (the grandfather) – la chica (the girl)

Note: Masculine nouns that end in a consonant often have a corresponding feminine form that ends in “-a”.

el profesor    la profesora  (the teacher)

el doctor      la doctora  (the doctor)

el señor       la señora       (Mr, Mrs)


Note: Some nouns that refer to people use the same form for both masculine and feminine. These nouns indicate gender by the article
“el”, “la”.

el estudiante       la estudiante (the student)

el pianista         la pianista   (the pianist)

el artista              la artista   (the artist)


Note: Nouns that end in “-sión, -ción, -dad, -tad, -tud, -umbre” are feminine.

la televisión   the television

la decisión     the decision

la construcción  the construction

la habitación   the room

la ciudad         the city

la hermandad  the brotherhood

la dificultad      the difficulty

la libertad  the  freedom

la actitud  the attitude

la magnitud  the magnitude

la certidumbrethe  certainty

la muchedumbrethe crowd


Note: Some nouns that end in “-a” are masculine.

el problem the problem

el telegram the telegram

el program the program

el map the map

el sistem the system

el poem the poem

el a  the day

el tem the topic

el clim the weather

el idiom– the language

el sofá  the couch

el planet the planet


Note: Many nouns that end in “-ma” are masculine.

el telegrama  the telegram

el programa – the program

el problema  the problem

el sistema  the system

el poema   the poem

el idioma – the language

el clima  the weather

el tema  the topic


Note: A few nouns that end in “-ma” are feminine

la cama   the bed

la lima – the file

la pluma  – the pen

la loma  the hill


Note: A few nouns that end in “-o” are feminine.

la man the hand

la radio     – the radio


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