Easiest Languages to Learn for an English Speaker

What is the easiest language in the world?


Which Language is Easiest to Learn for an English Speaker?

Let’s find out what are the easiest languages to learn for an English speaker. Recently, many newspapers present the stories and claims of numerous people who state they can learn any new language like learn Spanish quickly in just a couple of months, regardless of the differences. While the fact that they can perfect a language in just a few months seems exaggerated, the real shocking issue is that they also claimed that they could also learn two or more languages simultaneously. 

The translation of this statement is that they claim they can learn French and Chinese simultaneously. The truth is that when the language you intend to learn is way too different from your native language, especially when it has it’s own letters and rules, it’s tough to learn it.

Languages that are spoken in Asia, Russia and African countries are the most challenging languages on earth. Are there any easy-to-learn languages? Well, let’s see:


– The most straightforward language for people who are native in English is German. Both languages have many essential words that are pretty much the same, so the German’s initial understanding will be much more comfortable. Still, one of the biggest problems in learning German (actually the only problem) is the combination of word spoken German often uses. This way, the German language returns huge words made up of roots from all words that we’re defining a specific noun in a spoken sentence. A good example is Hoechsgeschwindigkeitsbegrenzung, meaning limit of speed. Words are truncated until the root word is found and only then linked.




– The second language is French. The French language has many influences from English, but it also influenced itself the English language. Because of the wars between France and Great Britain, the two languages present many typical results. 


– The Spanish language is not very similar to English, but it is a language that is easy to learn as French. Because it is an international language, it offers many exposure opportunities For American learners. Learning Spanish is at hand because it’s impossible not to have acquaintances that speak this language. That can have a conversation in Spanish with you once in a while.

Learn how to speak Spanish with the most popular site that is helping thousands become fluent fast. Spanish is the easiest language in the world to learn for an  English speaker. Nowadays, one of the most popular ways to start learning Spanish at home is through free online courses like the one hereLearn Spanish fast at home with ease and simplicity.


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