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Learn Basic Spanish Course – 30 Days

Learn Basic Spanish | Course

Enjoy the 30-days learn basic Spanish course. Start from day 1 to learn basic vocabulary with audio, pictures, videos, quizzes, and more. Learn the language on your own page from home or work, anytime, anywhere.

learn basic Spanish course

Day 1

Colors in Spanish | Los Colores

The Shapes in Spanish | Las Figuras Geométricas

Day 2

School in Spanish | Los Utensilios Escolares

Day 3

Greetings in Spanish | Los Saludos

Day 4

Spanish Alphabet | El Alfabeto

Day 5

Animals in Spanish | Los Animales

Day 6

Weather Expressions | Las Expresiones del Tiempo

Tip: – Hacer Vs Tener Vs Estar

Day 7

Nature Elements in Spanish | La Naturaleza

Day 8

Transport in Spanish | El Transporte

Tip: – Spanish Traveling Phrases

Day 9

Jobs in Spanish | Los Oficios

Tip: – A second language could improve your social life as well as your career.

Day 10

Routines in Spanish | Las Rutinas

Day 11

Places in Spanish | Los Lugares

Tip: – Famous Places in Spanish Speaking Countries

Day 12

Media in Spanish | Los Medios de Comunicaciones


– Media| Quiz


Traffic in Spanish | EL Tráfico

Day 13

Drinks in Spanish | Los Bebidas

Day 14

Vegetables in Spanish | Los Vegetales

Tip: – National Food of Spanish Speaking Countries

Day 15

Fruits in Spanish | Las Frutas

Day 16

Other Foods in Spanish | Los Alimentos

Tip: – Restaurant | Vocabulary

Day 17

Shoes in Spanish | Los Zapatos

Day 18

Clothes & Cosmetics in Spanish | Las Ropas y Los Cosméticos

Day 19

The Face in Spanish | La Cara

Day 20

Health in Spanish | La Salud

Day 21

Adjectives in Spanish | Los Adjectivos

Tip: – Muy Vs Mucho

Day 22

Hair Types in Spanish | Tipos de Cabello

Day 23

The House & Kitchen in Spanish | La Casa y La Cocina

Day 24

Bedroom & Bathroom in Spanish | El Dormitorio o El Cuarto / El Baño

Day 25

Livingroom in Spanish | La Sala

Day 26

Family in Spanish | La Familia

Tip: – 4 Ways to Raise a Bilingual Child

Day 27

Sports in Spanish | Los Deportes

Tip: – Sports in Spanish Speaking Countries

Day 28

Instruments in Spanish | Los Instrumentos

Tip: – Top 10 Most Popular Spanish Music Genres

Day 29

Hobbies in Spanish | Las Actividades

Day 30