How to say Gold in Spanish?

 Gold in Spanish

What is gold in Spanish? gold in Spanish


The gold is yellow – El oro es amarillo

Gold in Spanish means Oro, and is part of the group of noble metals, whose chemical symbol for gold Au – atomic number 79 – specific weight 19.3; It is found in nature in the form of specks and nuggets, very often linked to other metals. Known since ancient times, used and appreciated by man since prehistoric times, and almost certainly, gold was the first metal used by humans to make ornaments, jewelry, ritual objects, and symbols, most likely used before copper.

Tip: In chemistry, the metals that fall into the noble category are: gold “oro”, silver “plata”, platinum “platino”, palladium “paladio”, ruthenium “rutenio”, rhodium “rodio”, osmium “osmio”, iridium “iridio”.

Over time, gold has become a symbol of value, purity, and loyalty, but also of splendor and wealth, and is used to make jewelry, ornaments, and in some trophies to distinguish the winner.


gold – oro

jewelry – joyas

purity – pureza

loyalty – lealtad

trophies – trofeos

winner – ganador


This valuable metal has the following unique characteristics:

They do not rust in air and water. – No se oxidan en aire y agua.

They are unalterable in time – Son inalterables en el tiempo

Gold does not mix easily with other substances. – El oro no se mezcla fácilmente con otras sustancias.

gold in Spanish language

They resist acids well. – Resisten bien los ácidos.

It is the most ductile and malleable metal of all – Es el metal más dúctil y maleable de todos


It is a metal with a yellow color in nature, the melting temperature is 1063 ° C, and it can take on different colors depending on the metals with which it is combined in the numerous executable alloys generally called: yellow gold, white, red, green rose.

In its pure state it is soft, and to obtain greater mechanical resistance it is combined with other alloy metals, to obtain specific technical and aesthetic characteristics of workability according to the use and the object to be made.

Can be bonded with: copper, silver, iron, aluminum, platinum, nickel, and many others. The most used colors in jewelry and goldsmiths are yellow, white, pink, and red.


Spanish Vocabulary:

silver – plata

sopper – cobre

iron – hierro

aluminum – aluminio

patinum – platino

nickel – níquel 

oxygen – oxígeno

humidity – humedad

heat – calor

“El oro” does not alter or attack or oxidize in the air with oxygen, humidity, heat, caustic acids, and alkalis, vice versa it reacts with the cyanide ion.


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