Be Nice in Spanish

How to say be nice in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice be nice en español? Be nice in Spanish: se bueno, se buena.

In Spanish “SE” which comes from the verb “SER.” is used depending on the direct or indirect object. When its referent coincides with the subject, it is an emphatic, expressive, affective pronominal effort. That underlines the person who performs the action. An example of expressive value is “Se leyó el libro”

Be Nice in Spanish

In most cases, not always “bien” works as an adverb and “bueno(a) y buen” as adjectives. An adverb varies in gender and number. The adjective is variable and is characterized by agreeing with the noun. The adjective “buen” is an apocope (shortening) of the adjective “bueno(a).”

The phrases that we express below. They are made up of “SE” as an emphatic pronominal complement and “Bueno” or “Buena” as an adjective.

be nice (masc.)- se bueno

be nice (fem.)- se buena

be good – se bueno, se buena


Lily: Carlos, por favor se bueno con ellos | Carlos please be nice to them

Carlos: Está bien | OK

Sentences with the phrase be nice in Spanish

No, Junior se bueno con el gatico.No, Junior be nice to the kitty.
Solo, ya sabes, habla con él y se bueno.Just, you know, talk to him and be nice.
Se bueno Charlie y preséntame.Be nice Charlie and introduce me.
Pero se bueno…por favor.But he be good… please.
Sé bueno y no hagas rabiar a tu hermano.Be good and don’t make your brother angry.
Por favor, se buena con tu hermano y ayúdalo con la lectura.Please be nice to your brother and help him with his reading.
Kumi, se buena y escucha a tu mamá, ¿de acuerdo?Kumi, be nice and listen to your mom, okay?
Ahora se bueno y ayúdame con esto.Now be nice and help me with this.
Entonces, se bueno conmigo desde ahora.So, he be nice to me from now on.
La segunda, se buena con tus amigas.Second, be nice to your friends.
Haz el bien, ve el bien, se bueno.Do good, see good, be good.
Lo tendrás, se buena y amable.You will have it, be good and kind.
Así que no seas mala, se buena y espérame.So don’t be bad, be good and wait for me.
Alberto por favor no armes lío y se bueno.Alberto please don’t make a mess and be nice.
Así que sé bueno y ve a tu habitación.So be nice and go to your room.
Mantente en calma y se bueno.Stay calm and be nice.
Ahora, vuelve a tu ferretería y se bueno.Now, go back to your hardware store and be nice.
Tienes que venir conmigo ahora, se bueno y mantente callado.You have to come with me now, be nice and keep quiet.
Recuerda siempre, se bueno con tus padres.Always remember, be good to your parents.
Sí, se bueno y generoso, y agradecido con los demás.Yes, be good and generous, and grateful to others.

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