Avery in Spanish

 How do you say Avery in Spanish?

Avery in Spanish

What is Avery in Spanish? The word Avery is a name given to females. It is derived from the Anglo-Saxon name Alfred and also the antient German name Alberich. Avery means ‘Wise’ in French and ‘ruling with elf-wisdom’ in English. This name is mostly given to girls. 


How to translate Avery in Spanish? 

Avery – Avery

Avery is a name that is why it remains unchanged.

Sentences with the name Avery in Spanish

¿Quién es Avery?Who is Avery?
No conozco a Avery.I don’t know Avery.
Avery está esperándote.Avery is waiting for you.
Me llamo Avery.My name is Avery.
El jugador de baloncesto se llama Avery.The basketball player is named Avery.
¿Existe una corporación llamada Avery?Is there a corporation called Avery?
Soy fan del actor Avery.I am a fan of the actor Avery.
No sabía que tu entrenador se llamaba Avery.I didn’t know your trainer’s name was Avery.
¿Conoces a Avery?Do you know Avery?
Avery vino a verte.Avery came to see you.
¿Quién es Avery?Who is Avery?
Muchas personalidades se llaman Avery.Many personalities are named Avery.
¿Te agrada Avery?Do you like Avery?
No me cae bien Avery.I don’t like Avery.
¿Avery no es muy reconocido?Avery is not well known?
Iré a ver a Avery.I’m going to see Avery.
Avery llamó anoche.Avery called last night.
Avery está esperando por ti.Avery is waiting for you.
Voy a ver un partido con Avery.I’m going to watch a game with Avery.
Entrené con Avery durante un tiempo.I trained with Avery for a while.
Tengo todos los filmes en los que aparece Avery.I have all the films that Avery appears in.
Cuando tenga un hijo le pondré Avery.When I have a son I’ll name him Avery.
¿Te gusta el nombre de Avery?Do you like the name Avery?
No conocía a Avery en persona.I didn’t know Avery in person.
Muchas personalidades se llaman Avery.Many personalities are named Avery.
¿Es bueno Avery actuando?Is Avery good at acting?
Vi el partido de Avery en vivo.I saw Avery’s game live.
¿Avery, el entrenador, se jubiló?Did Avery, the coach, retire?
Mi segundo nombre es Avery.My middle name is Avery.
¿Avery es muy reconocido?Is Avery well known?

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