Accent in the Past Tense

Accent in the Past Tense

Does Preterite have an accent?

It’s time to learn how to use the accent in the Past tense in Spanish. Study Spanish verb conjugations with online lessons. Read about the Spanish grammar rules.

Note:  The first person singular (yo), third person Singular (él, ella), and second person formal singular (usted) preterite forms have tildes (written accents) on the final vowel. Keep in mind that one little tilde can change both the tense and subject of a sentence.


Use of the accent in the Past Tense :

With a tilde

Mandó una carta – Sent a letter
Habló con Marta – He spoke with Marta
Cantó muy bien – She sang very well
Dibujó un paisaje muy hermoso – She drew a very beautiful landscape
Envió un paquete – She sent a package 


Without a tilde:

Mando una carta – I send a letter
Hablo con Marta – I speak with Marta
Canto muy bien – I sing very good
Dibujo un paisaje muy hermoso – I draw a very beautiful landscape
Envio un paquete – I send a package 

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