Zephaniah in Spanish Bible

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1. Zephaniah, also known as Sofonías in Spanish, is a book in the Bible found in the Old Testament.

2. It is one of the minor prophets, meaning it is shorter in length compared to the major prophets in the Bible.

3. The book of Zephaniah is believed to have been written by the prophet Zephaniah, who lived during the reign of King Josiah of Judah.

4. Zephaniah contains three chapters and focuses on themes of judgment, repentance, and restoration.

5. The book begins with warnings of God’s impending judgment upon Judah and the nations, but it also offers hope for those who turn back to God.

6. Zephaniah’s prophecies ultimately point towards a future day of the Lord, when God will bring justice and renew His people.

7. The Spanish translation of the book of Zephaniah, Sofonías, can be found in most Spanish Bibles, making it accessible to Spanish-speaking readers.

How to Say Zephaniah in the Spanish Bible


The Bible, a sacred text for Christians, has been translated into numerous languages to make it accessible to people around the world. In Spanish, the Bible is known as “La Biblia.” Each book in the Bible has its own name in Spanish, including the book of Zephaniah. In this article, we will explore how to say Zephaniah in the Spanish Bible.

Understanding Zephaniah

Zephaniah is one of the minor prophets in the Old Testament of the Bible. The book of Zephaniah contains prophecies and messages of judgment and hope. It emphasizes the importance of repentance and warns of the consequences of disobedience to God. To refer to this book in the Spanish Bible, we need to know its Spanish name.

Zephaniah in Spanish

In the Spanish Bible, the book of Zephaniah is called “Sofonías.” This name is derived from the Hebrew name “Zephaniah,” which means “Yahweh has hidden” or “hidden by Yahweh.” The Spanish translation of the Bible uses “Sofonías” to refer to this book, making it easier for Spanish-speaking individuals to identify and study its contents.

Using Sofonías in the Spanish Bible

To locate the book of Zephaniah in the Spanish Bible, you can simply search for “Sofonías” in the table of contents or index. It is located in the Old Testament, specifically among the minor prophets. The book of Sofonías consists of three chapters, and each chapter contains valuable teachings and prophecies.

Exploring the Message of Sofonías

Sofonías, or Zephaniah, emphasizes the importance of seeking God and turning away from sin. It warns of the impending judgment and destruction that will come upon those who persist in their wicked ways. However, it also offers hope and salvation to those who repent and turn to God. The book of Sofonías encourages individuals to trust in God’s faithfulness and promises.


In the Spanish Bible, the book of Zephaniah is known as “Sofonías.” This name allows Spanish-speaking individuals to easily identify and study this important book of the Bible. Sofonías contains prophecies, messages of judgment, and hope, emphasizing the significance of repentance and the consequences of disobedience. By understanding the Spanish name of Zephaniah, individuals can explore its teachings and apply its lessons to their lives.
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