Why is Spanish becoming so popular?

Why is Spanish the third most popular language in the world?

Let’s find out why is Spanish becoming so popular. Language is the way to express one another’s feelings and try to communicate with other beings. There are many languages ​​globally, and the Spanish language occupies one of the ten most popular languages ​​on the planet, with more than 530 million speakers. Also, there are more than 90 million bilinguals who speak Spanish as a second language.

 Learning Spanish is not that easy compared to English, because this romantic language contains many verb tenses and rules, which slow down the speed of learning. Still, it could be done with practice through communication with others and understanding their grammar in general.

Learning Spanish makes it easier to deal with everything in this world and has many benefits.
Nowadays, whoever thinks of going to Europe, the US or Latin America must bear in mind that Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages and the most dispersed language in the world. More than 40 countries have more than 3 million Spanish speakers.
Why is Spanish becoming so popular?
Two of the world’s largest organizations, first the United Nations, which comprises 193 sovereign states, have made Spanish one of their official languages, similar to the European Union, whose official language is.
Learn Spanish will help you achieve your goal because it is the third most popular social media language. Social networks are the primary tool nowadays, using the Internet had become essential  to sell, promote, find new friends and others.
All the continents have Spanish speakers in their majority, and 21 countries have Spanish as their official language, excluding the United States, which also has many Spanish speakers.
Besides, those who learn Spanish have a high level of job opportunity. 
Spanish courses are now offered in almost every university, to help students easily make their way to either a job or a higher education.

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