Where Are You Coming From in Spanish

Where Are You Coming From in Spanish


When you want to ask someone where they are coming from in Spanish, there are specific phrases and expressions that can help you gather information about their point of origin. This question is particularly useful when you are curious about someone’s recent travel or want to understand their starting location. Let’s explore different ways to ask this question in Spanish.

Basic Phrase

¿De dónde vienes?

The most common way to ask “Where are you coming from?” in Spanish is by using the phrase “¿De dónde vienes?” This question is straightforward and allows the person to share their place of origin or departure.

Alternative Expressions

¿De qué lugar vienes?

Another way to ask the question is by using the phrase “¿De qué lugar vienes?” which translates to “From which place are you coming?” This alternative expression is equally valid and can be used to gather more specific information about the person’s starting location.

¿Cuál es tu lugar de procedencia?

If you want to inquire about someone’s place of origin more formally, you can use the phrase “¿Cuál es tu lugar de procedencia?” This question translates to “What is your place of origin?” and is useful when you want to learn about someone’s background or heritage.

Formal Form

¿De dónde viene usted?

To address someone formally or in a more respectful manner, you can use the formal form of the question by replacing “viene” with “usted.” The phrase “¿De dónde viene usted?” translates to “Where are you coming from?” in a formal context.


Asking someone where they are coming from in Spanish can be done using phrases like “¿De dónde vienes?” or “¿De qué lugar vienes?” Remember to adjust the verb form and pronouns based on the formality of the situation. With these expressions, you can easily inquire about someone’s point of origin or departure, allowing for better understanding and engaging conversations about travel and personal background.
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