Where Are We Going in Spanish

Where Are We Going in Spanish

How to say where are we going in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice where are we going en español? Where are we going in Spanish translation: a dónde vamos.

Where are we going?- ¿A dónde vamos?
Where are you taking me?- ¿A dónde me llevas?
Where are we headed?- ¿A dónde nos dirigimos?

How do you say ‘where are we going in Spanish’?. ‘Where are we going’ is a question used to ask directions of not just one person but a group of people including yourself. It can be used to ask where a group of people is heading because you don’t know where you all are going.


Lily: Carlos, ¿cuál es la sorpresa, a dónde vamos? | Carlos, what’s the surprise, where are we going?

Carlos: Ya pronto lo sabrás | Soon you will know

Carlos, ¿a dónde vamos?Carlos, where are we going?
¿A dónde vamos que no sé?Where are we going that I don’t know?
Sí, pero ¿a dónde vamos?Yes, but where are we going?
¿Y ahora a dónde vamos?And now where are we going?
¿A dónde vamos Marta?Where are we going Marta?
No entiendo, ¿a dónde vamos?I don’t understand, where are we going?
¿A dónde vamos?Where are we going?
¿Y a dónde vamos ahora?And where are we going now?
¿Por qué me cubres los ojos, a dónde vamos?Why are you covering my eyes, where are we going?
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