What is A in Spanish?

This article will tell you what is A in Spanish. A is a word in Spanish, a letter of the alphabet and a preposition.

What is A in Spanish

When to use A in Spanish?

Note: In Spanish, when the direct object is a person, it is preceded by the preposition “a”.

Tip: This word has no English translation.


Pedro llama a LucyPedro calls Lucy.

Rosa va a buscar a Lucy Rose goes to look for Lucy

Note: The personal “a” may also be used if the direct object is a domesticated animal, especially a pet, provided that the speaker attaches some sort of personal feelings towards the animal.


La mujer ama a su perro. (amar) The woman loves her dog.

El perro persigue a la gata. (perseguir) The dog chases the cat.

Note: The personal “a” is not used when the direct object is not a person or is an animal for which no personal feelings are felt.


Bebo el agua. (beber)
I drink the water. — water is neither a person nor an animal

Miro la gata. (mirar)
I look at the cat. — no personal feelings are felt towards the cat

Note: The personal “a” is not used after the verb “tener”, or the verb form “hay”. This is true even if the direct object is a person.


Tengo tres primas. (tener) I have three cousins.

Hay dos estudiantes. (hay) There are two students.

Note: If the direct object is an indefinite person, the personal “a” is not used. 


Necesito doctor. I need (any) doctor.

Necesito agua. I need (any) “type of” water. 

Note: The word A means also ‘To’ . To is a word which means approaching or reaching. Another meaning of this word is expressing motion into particular direction. It is also used as attachment to some words and often shows that the verb is infinitive.

How do you say A in Spanish?


Marta: Pedro, ¿qué vamos a hacer hoy? | Pedro, what are we going to do today?

Pedro: Hoy nosotros vamos a pescar | Today we are going fishing

More Examples:



‘Iba a vivir en otra ciudad’

‘Quiero ir a la playa’.

‘Vamos a continuar la clase’

‘Rosa va a buscar a Lucy’

‘He was going to live in another city’

‘I want to go to the beach’

‘Let’s continue the class’

‘Rose goes to look for Lucy’

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