What Does Tú Mean in Spanish

This article will tell you what does tú mean in Spanish. ‘Tú with the accent’ is a Spanish word that means “you”. It is used as a second-person pronoun in the singular.

In another hand, ‘tu’ without the accent means ‘your’. It is used as a possessive pronoun and shows that something belongs to someone.

what does tú mean in Spanish

How do you say ‘tú in Spanish’?

This word is translated in the Spanish language as: you.


tú – you

tu, tus – your

Conversation 1:

Marta: Pedro, ¿dónde estás tú? | Pedro, where are you?

Pedro: Yo estoy aquí | I am here

Conversation 2:

Marta: Pedro, ¿dónde está tu mamá? | Pedro, where is your mother?

Pedro: Ella está aquí | She is here




‘Este es tu libro’

‘Tu nuevo apartamento es muy hermoso’

‘Tú eres muy buen profesor’

‘Tú tienes muy buen carácter’

‘This is your book’

‘Your new apartment is very beautiful’

‘You are a very good teacher’

‘You have a very good character’

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