What Does Chichi Mean in Spanish

This article is going to tell you what does chichi mean in Spanish. Chichi is a Spanish word used as a slang and also as a name.

What does chichi mean in Spanish

How do you say chichi in Spanish?

Let’s find out how the word chichi is translated in the English language:

  • In Colombia means ‘urine’.
  • In Panama, El Salvador and Honduras it means ‘baby’.
  • In Mexico it means ‘breast’.
  • In some parts of Argentina means ‘young girl’.


urine- orina

baby- bebé

breast – seno

young girl – chica joven, muchacha joven, jovencita

This word often refers to the genital parts of women. In some other countries, this word is used to address women in a vulgar way.

Examples with the term chichi in Spanish:

Ella tiene las chichis grandes.She has big chicks.
¿Por qué a él le gusta mirar chichis?Why does he like to look at chichis?
Me encantan tus chichis.I love your chicks.
Yo también tengo chichis.I also have chichis.
Mi prima tiene las chichis pequeñas.My cousin has small chichis.
Quiero ponerme unas chichis nuevas.I want to put on some new chichis.
A mi esposo le encantan mis chichis.My husband loves my chichis.
Mi vida, que bonita chichi tienes.My life, what beautiful chichi you have.
Sus chichis son postizas.His chichis are false.
Mi hermana se operó las chichis.My sister had surgery on her chichis.
Me gustaría agrandarme las chichis.I would like to enlarge my chichis.
También sus chichis son vistozas.Also her chichis are showy.
Ella está enseñando todas las chichis.She is showing all the chichis.
Tiene sus chichis afuera.She has her chicks out of her.
¿Por qué siempre ella tiene las chichis afuera?Why does she always have the breasts out of her?
No deberías llevar tu chichi afuera.You shouldn’t take your chichi outside.
Enseñaré mis chichis en la playa.I will show my chichis on the beach.
Mi novio cree que estas son sus chichis.My boyfriend thinks these are his chichis.
Me inyectaron las chichis.They injected me with the chichis.
Si tuviera las chichis más grandes hubiera ganado la competencia.If I had the biggest chicks I would have won the competition.
Ellos exigen tener las chichis grandes.They demand to have big breasts.
La chica de las chichis grandes.The girl with the big breats.
Esa muchacha no tiene casi chichis.That girl has almost no chichis.
Él le estaba mirando las chichis a ella.He was looking at her chicks.
Quiero llevarme una chichi a casa esta noche.I want to take a chichi home tonight.

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