What Do You Want To Drink in Spanish

What Do You Want To Drink in Spanish


When engaging in conversations about beverages or offering someone a drink, it’s helpful to know how to ask the question “What do you want to drink?” in Spanish. In this article, we will explore the translation and commonly used phrases to convey this question effectively.

¿Qué quieres beber?

The most common and straightforward translation for “What do you want to drink?” in Spanish is “¿Qué quieres beber?” This phrase effectively conveys the question of someone’s beverage preference. “Qué” means “what,” “quieres” translates to “do you want,” and “beber” means “to drink.” Together, they create a clear and concise expression to inquire about someone’s drink choice.

¿Qué te gustaría tomar?

Another alternative phrase to ask the same question is “¿Qué te gustaría tomar?” This expression translates to “What would you like to have?” in English. By using “te gustaría tomar” instead of “quieres beber,” the focus is on someone’s preference or desire for a beverage. This phrase is particularly suitable when offering a variety of options or in more formal settings.


Now you know how to ask “What do you want to drink?” in Spanish. Whether you use “¿Qué quieres beber?” or “¿Qué te gustaría tomar?” both phrases effectively convey the question about someone’s beverage preference. Use these expressions confidently in conversations involving offering drinks or inquiring about someone’s desired drink choice. Clear and effective communication ensures smooth interactions and understanding in Spanish-speaking environments.
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