Website in Spanish

Website in Spanish

How to say website in Spanish?

website – sitio web, sitio

A website is a set of web pages accessible through the internet with information, generally linked to each other and for a specific purpose. These informative pages have texts, images and also in many cases videos, forms and more. There are countless numbers of websites on the internet with different themes and objectives, identified by a unique URL, which usually goes directly to the home or welcome page.


Luisa: Marcos, ¿pudiste abrir el sitio web? | Marcos, were you able to open the website?
Marcos: Sí, lo abrí | Yes I opened it

La información está en el sitio web.The information is on the website.
Estoy haciendo un sitio webI am making a website
Estudiaré en el sitio webI will study on the website
Los sitios web son generalmente muy informativosWebsites are generally very informative
El sitio web para aprender inglés es perfectoThe website for learning English is perfect
Estudiaremos en el sitio webWe will study on the website
La profesora tiene un sitio webThe teacher has a website

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