We Are Having Fun in Spanish

How to Say “We Are Having Fun” in Spanish


Expressing enjoyment and the experience of having fun is an important part of social interactions. In this article, we will explore how to say “We are having fun” in Spanish. Whether you’re attending a party, participating in a group activity, or simply enjoying a gathering with friends, knowing the right phrase in Spanish will allow you to express your enjoyment. Let’s dive into the phrase and its usage!

The Translation: Nos estamos divirtiendo

To express the idea of “We are having fun” in Spanish, you can use the phrase “Nos estamos divirtiendo.” In this phrase, “nos” means “us” or “ourselves,” “estamos” is the first-person plural form of the verb “estar,” meaning “to be,” and “divirtiendo” translates to “having fun.”It’s important to note that “estamos” reflects the first-person plural form, indicating “we” as the subject. If you’re expressing this idea to an individual or a group of people in a more formal setting, you would adjust the verb form accordingly. For example, you would use “Se están divirtiendo” to address a group of people formally.

Usage and Variations

Here are a few variations and related phrases you can use to express the experience of having fun in different contexts:”Nos la estamos pasando bien” – This phrase is another way to say “We are having fun” in a more colloquial manner. It emphasizes the idea of enjoying oneself and translates to “We are having a good time.””Nos estamos divirtiendo mucho” – If you want to emphasize the level of fun or excitement, you can add “mucho” at the end of the phrase. It means “a lot” and conveys a stronger sense of enjoyment.”Nos estamos divirtiendo juntos” – If you want to emphasize the collective aspect of having fun, you can use this phrase. “Juntos” means “together,” and it reinforces the idea of shared enjoyment.Remember to adjust the verb forms (estamos, están, la estamos pasando) based on the subject and maintain grammatical accuracy.


Being able to express the experience of having fun in Spanish allows you to engage in social interactions and express your enjoyment. By learning how to say “We are having fun” in Spanish, you can easily convey your positive experiences, participate in conversations about enjoyable activities, and foster a sense of shared enjoyment with others.As with any language, practice is key. Incorporate these phrases into your daily interactions, converse with native Spanish speakers, and continue expanding your vocabulary. The more you use these expressions, the more comfortable you will become with the Spanish language. ¡Buena suerte! (Good luck!)
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