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Traveling | Spanish Vocabulary

Traveling to Spanish Speaking Countries

Enhance Your Travel Experience with Essential Spanish Vocabulary! Planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking destination? Discover key travel phrases and words to navigate airports, hotels, restaurants, and more. Our comprehensive Spanish Vocabulary guide ensures you can communicate confidently during your travels, making your journey even more memorable. Start learning today and immerse yourself in the local culture like never before!

  • Traveling in Spanish Flashcards
    Traveling Flashcards in Spanish and English How to translate traveling flashcards into Spanish? and more. Learn basic vocabulary in Spanish with flashcards. Study the Spanish language with pictures. English to Spanish translation. safari – safari paisaje – landscape recuerdo – souvenir taxi – taxi carpa – tent bus turístico – tour bus parque – park… Read more: Traveling in Spanish Flashcards
  • Spanish Phrases for Travel
    What are some Spanish phrases for travel?   In this lesson you will learn some popular Spanish phrases for travel. Now, let’s get around. -¿Dónde está la parada de autobuses? (Where is the bus stop?) -La parada está en la esquina. (The bus stop is at the corner.)   -¿Dónde está la entrada? (Where is… Read more: Spanish Phrases for Travel
  • Giving directions in Spanish
    Spanish vocabulary when giving directions. Let’s learn some of the most important phrases for giving instructions. When giving directions in Spanish    1.     Where? –¿Dónde? 2.     Where can I go for dinner? – ¿Dónde puedo ir a cenar? 3.     Where can I go for breakfast? – ¿Dónde puedo ir a desayunar? 4.     Where can I… Read more: Giving directions in Spanish
  • Excuse me in Spanish
    How to Say “Excuse Me, Please” in Spanish: A Guide for Learners If you are learning Spanish, one of the most important phrases to master is “excuse me, please”. This is a polite and respectful way to get someone’s attention or to ask for assistance in Spanish-speaking countries. In Spanish, there are several ways to… Read more: Excuse me in Spanish
  • Checking In and Passport Control |Traveling
    It’s time to find out what are the most important phrases in the checking in and passport control areas. Checking In and Passport Control in the Airport Checking In (Chequeando)  Man: Can I have your ticket, please?-¿Me da su boleto, por favor? Passenger: Here you are- Aquí tiene  Man: Would you like a window or… Read more: Checking In and Passport Control |Traveling
  • Spanish Phrases to Use in the Airport
    What are some useful Spanish Phrases to Use in the Airport?  20 Most Important Spanish Phrases to Use in the Airport   1.      Where is the bathroom? – ¿Dónde está el baño?  2.      How much for it? – ¿Cuánto cuesta esto? 3.      What time is my flight? – ¿A… Read more: Spanish Phrases to Use in the Airport
  • Dinero in Spanish | Shopping
    How to say dinero in Spanish?. Learn some important words and phrases about the dinero. How is the amount of money specified in Dinero? If you decide travelling to a Spanish speaking country, you will want to learn how to talk about money (dinero) and shopping.   Suppose you’ve just arrived in the country of… Read more: Dinero in Spanish | Shopping
  • Hotel Vocabulary in Spanish
    Hotel vocabulary in Spanish. Learn some important words and phrases about the hotel. Hotel Vocabulary | Hotel in Spanish   Spanish Vocabulary at the Hotel alojamiento– accommodation las sábanas– (bed) sheets una reclamación– a complaint una cama de matrimonio– a double bed una habitación doble– a double room una habitación con cama de matrimonio– a double-bedded room una reserva– a reservation /… Read more: Hotel Vocabulary in Spanish
  • Restaurant in Spanish | Buen Provecho
    The restaurant in Spanish. Let’s learn the Spanish vocabulary for when you are at the restaurant. How to order at a Restaurant? | Phrases in Spanish courses- platos first course- entrada main course- plato principal dessert- postre Things the waiter says in Spanish (Cosas que dice el camarero) What would you like to drink, eat?- ¿Qué te gustaría para beber, comer?… Read more: Restaurant in Spanish | Buen Provecho