Tool in Spanish

Tool in Spanish

How to say tool in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice tool en español? Tool in Spanish translation: herramienta.

How to say tool in Spanish?. A tool is a utensil that is made with the purpose of making work easier or facilitating the development of a mechanical task or activity. They are generally made of resistant materials such as iron, in order to make them more durable and even facilitate various types of work. There is a great diversity of tools and each of them with different specific functions.

The tools have been made and used by humans since prehistoric times, from the simplest which were stones, bones and sticks that were used for hunting, making fire and even cleaning the hunted prey to the most complex and modern.

tool – herramienta, instrumento, utensilio

tools – herramientas


Marta: Carlos, te compré una maleta con todos las herramientas que necesitas para la casa | Carlos, I bought you a suitcase with all the tools you need for the house

Carlos: Muchas gracias mi amor | Thank you very much my love

Sentences with the word tool in Spanish

Ya no quedan más utensilios para la cocina.There are no more kitchen utensils left.
Este instrumento nos va a salvar la vida.This instrument is going to save our lives.
Me falta una herramienta en el bolso donde las guardo.I’m missing a tool in the bag where I keep them.
Queremos saber si este utensilio nos servirá.We want to know if this utensil will serve us.
Usemos como herramienta este tronco de árbol.Let’s use this tree trunk as a tool.
Eres solo un instrumento de amor.You are just an instrument of love.
Voy a sacar una sola herramienta a la vez.I’m going to pull out one tool at a time.
Se me ha perdido una herramienta.I have lost a tool.
No necesito esta herramienta para trabajar.I don’t need this tool to work.
Usaré el martillo como herramienta.I will use the hammer as a tool.
El instrumento musical costaba mucho dinero.The musical instrument cost a lot of money.
Una idea es una herramienta poderosa.An idea is a powerful tool.
La sartén es un utensilio de cocina.The frying pan is a kitchen utensil.
Para abrir la puerta, usó como herramienta una manzana.To open the door, he used an apple as a tool.
¿Con qué herramienta quieres que trabaje?What tool do you want me to work with?
Es un instrumento bastante peculiar.It is quite a peculiar instrument.
Solo me basta con este utensilio para preparar un manjar.I only have enough with this utensil to prepare a delicacy.
Con este instrumento mediré la velocidad del viento.With this instrument I will measure the speed of the wind.
Esa arma es un instrumento muy potente.That weapon is a very powerful instrument.
Usaré este utensilio para revolver el arroz.I will use this utensil to stir the rice.
Se me ha caído la herramienta.I dropped the tool.
Ni sé donde colocamos el instrumento de medir la azúcar en sangre.I don’t even know where we put the blood sugar meter.
Tenemos un instrumento musical desafinado.We have a musical instrument out of tune.
La vida se basa en tener la herramienta perfecta para ser feliz.Life is based on having the perfect tool to be happy.
Veremos que tal funciona este instrumento.We will see how this tool works.
No estaba seguro de usar este utensilio.I wasn’t sure about using this utensil.
Colgué la herramienta en su lugar.I hung the tool in its place.
He entregado a cada trabajador un instrumento de hierro y plástico.I have given each worker an iron and plastic instrument.
Queremos el instrumento elegido por los dioses para crear cariño.We want the instrument chosen by the gods to create affection.
Quiero ser tu instrumento de perversión y locura.I want to be your instrument of perversion and madness.
Necesita comprar esa herramienta.You need to buy that tool.
Estas herramientas son mejores.These tools are better.
Yo dejo mis herramientas en el garaje.I leave my tools in the garage.
Vamos buscar las herramientas para el carro.Let’s get the tools for the car.
Las herramientas son muy útiles.The tools are very useful.
Las herramientas son instrumentos de trabajo.Tools are working instruments.
Esa herramienta sola me costó $500.That tool alone cost me $500.
Vamos a cambiar las herramientas.Let’s change the tools.

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