To Take Out The Trash in Spanish

To Take Out the Trash in Spanish


Learning practical phrases is essential when acquiring a new language. If you’re interested in knowing how to say “to take out the trash” in Spanish, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will explore the translation and provide additional context to help you effectively express this action in Spanish.

Translation: “Sacar la basura” or “Sacar los residuos”

To express the phrase “to take out the trash” in Spanish, you can use the phrases “sacar la basura” or “sacar los residuos.” Both expressions are commonly used and convey the idea of removing waste or garbage from a specific location.

Additional Context

When using the phrase “sacar la basura” or “sacar los residuos” in Spanish, it’s important to note that the specific terminology may vary depending on the region or country. While both phrases are widely understood, regional variations in vocabulary exist.For example, in some Latin American countries, the word “basura” is commonly used to refer to trash or garbage. However, in Spain, the term “residuos” may be preferred. It’s helpful to observe the local customs and terminology to ensure effective communication.Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that the verb “sacar” means “to take out” or “to remove.” By combining it with the noun “la basura” or “los residuos,” you can accurately convey the action of taking out the trash in Spanish.


Knowing how to express the action of “taking out the trash” in Spanish, whether by using “sacar la basura” or “sacar los residuos,” allows you to effectively communicate in various Spanish-speaking environments. By using these phrases and considering regional variations, you can responsibly manage waste disposal and maintain cleanliness in a culturally appropriate manner.
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