To Give Birth in Spanish

To Give Birth in Spanish


The miracle of giving birth is a profound and life-changing experience. If you’re learning Spanish and want to express the phrase “To give birth” in Spanish, this article will provide you with the appropriate translations and expressions. Understanding how to talk about this significant event in Spanish will enable you to discuss it with others or seek information related to pregnancy and childbirth. Let’s explore the different ways to express “To give birth” in Spanish!

Dar a luz

Literal Translation

The most common and direct translation for “To give birth” in Spanish is “Dar a luz.” This expression conveys the act of bringing a child into the world and is widely used to discuss childbirth. It is a comprehensive phrase that encompasses the entire process of giving birth.

Alternative Expressions

While “Dar a luz” is the most commonly used translation, there are alternative expressions you can use to convey the same meaning in Spanish. Here are a couple of examples:1. “Parir” – This verb translates to “To give birth” and specifically emphasizes the action of delivering a baby. It is a more direct and concise way to talk about the act of childbirth.2. “Tener un hijo” – This expression means “To have a child” and can be used to describe the broader experience of becoming a parent. It encompasses both the act of giving birth and the subsequent responsibilities and joys of raising a child.


Being able to express “To give birth” in Spanish allows you to discuss the transformative experience of childbirth. Remember that “Dar a luz” is the most common and comprehensive way to convey this meaning, but you can also use alternative expressions like “Parir” or “Tener un hijo” depending on the context and the level of specificity you want to emphasize. Practice using these phrases to talk about pregnancy, childbirth, and the miracle of bringing a child into the world in Spanish. ¡Dar a luz! (To give birth!)
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