That’s Good in Spanish

That's Good in Spanish

How to say that’s good in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice that’s good en español? That’s good in Spanish translation:

that’s good – ese es bueno (neutro.)

that’s good – eso es bueno (masc.)

that is a good one – esa es buena (fem.)

The phrase ‘that’s good’ is a positive term and describes something in particular. The word good is an adjective used to refer to something in which a positive value is recognized. Thus, good may be a person or thing that acts or functions according to what is good, what is correct, as indicated, or has a natural inclination to do good.


Lily: Carlos, ¿qué opinas de ese estudiante? | Carlos, what do you think of that student?

Carlos: Ese es bueno, el chico es muy inteligente y siempre saca muy buenas notas | That is good, the boy is very intelligent and always gets very good grades


Eso es bueno lo que hiciste
Me gustó mucho lo que hiciste, eso es bueno
Ese es un buen niño
Esa empresa es buena
Hola profe, ese es un buen estudiante
Ese es un buen hombre
Ese es un buen trato
Marta, eso es un buen trabajo


That’s good what you did
I really liked what you did, that’s good
That’s a good boy
That company is good
Hello teacher, that’s a good student
That’s a good man
That’s a good deal
Marta, that’s a good job

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