Subject Pronouns Spanish Worksheet Answers

Here is a subject pronouns worksheet to help you learn Spanish:

Instructions: Write the correct subject pronoun for each sentence.

  1. __________ voy a la tienda. (I am going to the store.)
  2. __________ estudian español en la escuela. (They study Spanish in school.)
  3. __________ está cansado después del trabajo. (He is tired after work.)
  4. __________ somos de México. (We are from Mexico.)
  5. __________ comes mucho helado. (You eat a lot of ice cream.)
  6. __________ va al cine los sábados. (She goes to the movies on Saturdays.)
  7. __________ cantan en el coro de la iglesia. (They sing in the church choir.)
  8. __________ bailo salsa en la fiesta. (I dance salsa at the party.)
  9. __________ trabaja en la oficina. (He/she works in the office.)
  10. __________ hablan español en la clase. (They speak Spanish in class.)


  1. Yo
  2. Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes
  3. Él
  4. Nosotros/Nosotras
  5. Ella
  6. Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes
  7. Yo
  8. Él/Ella/Usted
  9. Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes

Note: In Spanish, the subject pronouns are “yo” (I), “tú” (you, informal), “él” (he), “ella” (she), “usted” (you, formal), “nosotros/nosotras” (we), and “ellos/ellas/ustedes” (they/you all). The subject pronoun usually goes before the verb in the sentence, but it can also be omitted if the verb form already indicates the subject.

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