Spanish Words That Begin With Ch

Spanish Words That Begin With “Ch”


The Spanish language is renowned for its melodious sound and expressive vocabulary. In this article, we will explore a delightful selection of Spanish words that begin with the letters “Ch.” From everyday terms to cultural expressions, these words capture the essence and charm of the Spanish language.

Common Spanish Words Starting with “Ch”

Here are some commonly used Spanish words that begin with “Ch”:


“Chico” refers to a boy, while “chica” means girl. These words are often used to describe young individuals or can be used as endearing terms for someone special.


“Chocolate” is a beloved treat made from cacao beans. It is enjoyed worldwide and comes in various forms, such as bars, drinks, and desserts.


“Chile” refers to a chili pepper. It is a staple ingredient in Latin American cuisine and adds a spicy kick to dishes.


“Chaqueta” translates to “jacket” in English. It is a garment worn to provide warmth and protection, especially during colder seasons.


“Chiste” means “joke” in English. It represents a funny or humorous story or statement that aims to entertain and bring laughter.

Specialized Spanish Words Starting with “Ch”

In addition to everyday words, Spanish also includes specialized terms that begin with “Ch” and relate to specific fields or concepts. Here are a few examples:


“Chiropráctica” refers to chiropractic, a healthcare profession that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, particularly those affecting the spine.


“Chirurgía” translates to “surgery” in English. It encompasses the medical practice of performing operative procedures to treat injuries, diseases, or deformities.


“Química” is the Spanish word for “chemistry.” It is a branch of science that explores the properties, composition, and behavior of substances and the changes they undergo.


“Campeón/Campeona” is the Spanish word for “champion.” It represents an individual or team that has achieved victory or excellence in a competition or field.


Spanish words that begin with “Ch” add a touch of rhythm and flavor to the language. From everyday terms like “chocolate” and “chico/a” to specialized expressions such as “chiropráctica” and “chirurgía,” these words reflect the versatility and beauty of Spanish vocabulary. Whether used in casual conversations or professional contexts, words starting with “Ch” bring a sense of charm and cultural richness to the Spanish language. So, as you continue your journey of learning Spanish, embrace these words and their unique sound, and let them enhance your appreciation of this captivating language.
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