Spanish Words Beginning With H

How to Say Spanish Words Beginning With H in Spanish


When learning Spanish, it’s essential to understand how to pronounce words correctly. One particular challenge that many learners face is pronouncing Spanish words that begin with the letter “H.” Unlike in English, where the letter “H” is always pronounced, Spanish has specific rules for pronouncing words starting with this letter. In this article, we will explore these rules and provide you with a guide on how to say Spanish words beginning with “H” correctly.

Pronunciation Rules

1. H is silent: In Spanish, the letter “H” is silent at the beginning of words. This means that you do not pronounce the “H” sound but instead skip directly to the following vowel. For example:- “Hola” (hello) is pronounced as “ola.”- “Hermano” (brother) is pronounced as “ermano.”2. H is pronounced: While the general rule is that the letter “H” is silent, there are a few exceptions. In some words borrowed from other languages or proper names, the “H” is pronounced. These words usually come from English, French, or other languages that have a stronger “H” sound. For example:- “Hotel” (hotel) is pronounced as “o-tel.”- “Hámster” (hamster) is pronounced as “am-ster.”

Common Words Beginning With H

Now that we understand the pronunciation rules, let’s look at some common Spanish words that start with the letter “H” and how they are pronounced.1. Hola: This is one of the most well-known Spanish words, meaning “hello” or “hi.” Remember to skip the “H” sound and pronounce it as “ola.”2. Hermano/a: These words mean “brother” and “sister” respectively. Pronounce them as “ermano” and “ermana” without the “H” sound.3. Hablar: Meaning “to speak,” this verb is pronounced as “ablar” without the “H” sound.4. Hacer: This verb means “to do” or “to make.” Pronounce it as “acer” without the “H” sound.5. Hombre: The Spanish word for “man” is pronounced as “ombre” without the “H” sound.6. Hogar: Meaning “home,” pronounce it as “ogar” without the “H” sound.7. Hermoso/a: This adjective means “beautiful” and is pronounced as “ermoso” or “ermosa” without the “H” sound.It’s important to note that these pronunciation rules apply to most Spanish dialects. However, some regional variations may pronounce the “H” sound in certain words. For example, in some parts of Spain, the “H” sound is pronounced in words like “hola” and “hacer.” Therefore, it’s always helpful to be aware of the specific dialect or region you are learning from.


Mastering the pronunciation of Spanish words beginning with “H” is crucial for effective communication in the language. Remember that in most cases, the “H” is silent, and you should skip directly to the following vowel. However, be aware of exceptions like borrowed words or proper names where the “H” is pronounced. With practice and attention to these rules, you’ll be able to confidently pronounce Spanish words starting with “H” and enhance your overall Spanish language skills. ¡Buena suerte! (Good luck!)
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