Spanish Word For Fried

Spanish Word for Fried

Exploring the Spanish Word for “Fried”

If you’re curious about the Spanish word for “fried,” you’ve come to the right place. In Spanish, the word for “fried” is:

1. “Frito/a”

The most common translation for “fried” in Spanish is “frito” for masculine nouns and “frita” for feminine nouns. This word is used to describe food that has been cooked in hot oil or fat until it becomes crispy and brown.


The Spanish word for “fried” is “frito” for masculine nouns and “frita” for feminine nouns. By learning this translation, you can enhance your vocabulary and effectively communicate about cooking techniques and food preparation in Spanish. Whether you’re discussing culinary experiences, recipes, or enjoying a meal with Spanish-speaking friends or family, knowing the Spanish word for “fried” will be useful.
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