21 Spanish Speaking Countries Capitals

There are about 21 capitals of Spanish-speaking countries in the world. The Spanish language is a Romance language derived from spoken Latin. If you look for its origins, it goes back to the Roman Empire and is one of the oldest languages. Most of the countries that dominate this language are located currently belong to the American continent.

21 Spanish Speaking Countries Capitals

The Spanish language is one of the most spoken languages in the world, occupying fourth place. Although this language is a universal language and is considered quite difficult to learn. The reason is that, unlike other languages, Spanish has a much more complex verbal system. The mother tongue of the people who want to learn it also influences. For example, if you have Italian or French as your mother tongue, it will be easier for you to understand the Spanish language. On the other hand, if you speak English or Mandarin, it will be more difficult for you, due to the pronunciation.

What are the 21 capitals of the Spanish countries?

The language is somewhat difficult to learn but, despite this, it is quite a in demand. Especially, since the 21 capitals of Spanish-speaking countries are very popular in tourism and commerce. In addition, there is a large number of emigrants in the United States who only speak Spanish. That is why for you to work today in international companies you need to learn Spanish.

In addition to trade, tourism in the 21 capitals of Spanish-speaking countries is renowned. This is because most of these countries are in America where there is a warm and pleasant climate. This means that these places have beautiful beaches, rich culture, and a friendly population. Among the most popular are Mexico, Argentina, and Peru. Each of these countries has Spanish as its native language but, they have their dialect. In other words, if you are in Argentina, you may know words that do not exist in Mexico. The language changes according to the region where you are. The dialect is also one of the reasons why we can consider Spanish hard to learn.

Basic Spanish Vocabulary

To visit one of the 21 capitals of Spanish-speaking countries it is not necessary to learn Spanish. You can tour a country without the need to master the language. But the local exchange with the population will probably be entirely in Spanish. That is why the ideal would be for the visitor to master the basics of the language to have a complete experience. In addition, we recommend to the people interested in learning the language to visit these countries. To learn a language it is necessary to practice comprehension and pronunciation. So chatting with the local population is the perfect exercise for any student.

Many years ago this language was not as requested as it is now. Thanks to the internet, the popularity of Spanish has increased. Probably because of the influence of cinema, art, and music. In addition to the creation of several forums on the internet that allow social exchange between people from different continents. Certainly, the number of academics, teachers, and students who want to master the language has increased. With the increase in popularity, you can find a lot of applications and pages that make it easier for you to learn the language. In recent years, the number of people who speak Spanish has practically doubled with a large part of the world’s population dominating this language.

Here is the list of the 21 Spanish Speaking Countries Capitals


Spain    CAPITAL: Madrid


Capital of Spain madrid learning spanish

Argentina    CAPITAL: Buenos Aires


capital of argentina buenos aires learning spanish

Mexico    CAPITAL: Ciudad de Mexico (Mexico City)


capital of mexico  ciudad mexico learning spanish

Costa Rica   CAPITAL: San José


capital of costa rica san jose learning spanish

El Salvador    CAPITAL: San Salvador


apital of el salvador san salvador learning spanish

Guatemala    CAPITAL: Ciudad de Guatemala (Guatemala City)

capital of guatemala city of guatemala learning spanish

Honduras    CAPITAL: Tegucigalpa

capital honduras learning spanish

Nicaragua   CAPITAL: Managua

nicaragua learning spanish

Panama     CAPITAL: Ciudad de Panamá (Panama City)

panama learning spanish

Cuba     CAPITAL: La Habana (Havana)

cuba learning spanish

Dominican Republic      CAPITAL: Santo Domingo

dominican republic learning spanish

Puerto Rico     CAPITAL: San Juan

puerto rico learning spanish

Bolivia   CAPITAL: La Paz, Sucre

bolivia learning spanish

Chile    CAPITAL: Santiago
chile learning spanish

Colombia     CAPITAL: Bogotá

colombia learning spanish

Ecuador    CAPITAL: Quito

ecuador learning spanish

Paraguay    CAPITAL: Asunción

paraguay learning spanish

Peru     CAPITAL: Lima

peru learning spanish

Uruguay    CAPITAL: Montevideo

uruguay learning spanish

Venezuela    CAPITAL: Caracas

venezuela learning spanish

Equatorial Guinea     CAPITAL: Malabo

equitorial guine learning spanish



For a person to learn a new language is never easy, it requires time and dedication. But by learning it you will come to feel great personal satisfaction, as well as broaden your culture and world view.

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