Spanish Restaurant Beijing

How to Say Spanish Restaurant Beijing in Spanish


When traveling to a foreign country, it’s always helpful to know a few key phrases in the local language. If you find yourself in Beijing and craving some delicious Spanish cuisine, it’s important to know how to ask for directions to a Spanish restaurant. In this article, we will guide you on how to say “Spanish Restaurant Beijing” in Spanish.

Spanish Restaurant

The phrase “Spanish Restaurant” in Spanish is “Restaurante Español.” To pronounce it correctly, follow these steps:1. Start with the word “Restaurante.” The “R” in Spanish is pronounced differently than in English. It is pronounced by rolling the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth.2. Next, say “español.” The “ñ” in Spanish is a unique letter and is pronounced as a soft “ny” sound, similar to the “ny” in the English word “canyon.”So, when you put it all together, “Spanish Restaurant” is pronounced as “Restaurante Español.”


To complete the phrase, we need to add “Beijing” at the end. In Spanish, Beijing is spelled and pronounced the same way as in English. However, the pronunciation might differ slightly due to the accent. It is pronounced as “bay-jing” in English, while in Spanish, it is pronounced as “bay-hing.” Remember to roll the “r” sound as mentioned earlier.

Putting it Together

Now that you know how to say “Spanish Restaurant” and “Beijing” in Spanish, let’s combine the two phrases. To say “Spanish Restaurant Beijing” in Spanish, you would say:”Restaurante Español Beijing”Remember to pronounce the words as described earlier, rolling the “r” sound and pronouncing the “ñ” as a soft “ny.”

Additional Phrases

Here are a few additional phrases that might be helpful when looking for a Spanish restaurant in Beijing:1. “¿Dónde está el restaurante español?” – This means “Where is the Spanish restaurant?” It will help you ask for directions if you’re unsure of the restaurant’s location.2. “¿Hay algún restaurante español cerca de aquí?” – This means “Is there any Spanish restaurant nearby?” It can be useful if you want to find a Spanish restaurant in a specific area.3. “¿Tienen comida española auténtica?” – This means “Do you have authentic Spanish food?” It will help you inquire about the authenticity of the restaurant’s cuisine.


Knowing how to say “Spanish Restaurant Beijing” in Spanish can be incredibly useful when traveling to Beijing and craving some Spanish cuisine. By using the phrases mentioned in this article, you’ll be able to ask for directions and inquire about authentic Spanish food. So, next time you’re in Beijing, impress the locals with your Spanish skills and enjoy a delicious meal at a Spanish restaurant!
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