Spanish For She Crossword Clue

Spanish For She Crossword Clue

Finding the Spanish Translation for “She”

If you’re working on a crossword puzzle or trying to decipher a clue that requires the Spanish translation for “she,” you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will explore the word for “she” in Spanish and provide you with the solution you need to complete your crossword puzzle.

The Spanish Translation for “She” is “Ella”

The correct translation for “she” in Spanish is “ella.” This word is used to refer to a female person or object. It’s important to note that the gender of the noun being referred to must agree with the use of “ella” in Spanish sentences. For example:- “Ella es mi hermana” translates to “She is my sister.”- “Ella tiene un perro” means “She has a dog.”- “Ella es inteligente” translates to “She is intelligent.”

Other Pronouns in Spanish

In addition to “ella” (she), here are some other pronouns in Spanish that you might find helpful:- “Él” means “he.” For example, “Él es mi hermano” means “He is my brother.”- “Ellos” means “they” when referring to a group of males or a mixed-gender group. For example, “Ellos son mis amigos” means “They are my friends.”- “Ellas” means “they” when referring to a group of females. For example, “Ellas son mis hermanas” means “They are my sisters.”


In Spanish, the translation for “she” is “ella.” Remember to use “ella” when referring to a female person or object in Spanish sentences. By understanding the correct translation of “she,” you’ll be able to solve crossword puzzle clues and communicate effectively in Spanish. Expand your language skills and have fun exploring the beauty of the Spanish language.
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