Spanish For Other Crossword Clue

Spanish For Other Crossword Clue

Decoding the Crossword Clue for “Other” in Spanish

Crossword puzzles often present us with clues that require us to find the appropriate translations in different languages. If you’ve encountered a crossword clue related to “other” in Spanish, let’s explore the possible answers and unravel the mystery.

“Otro” (Other)

In most cases, the crossword clue for “other” in Spanish is likely to be “otro.” “Otro” is the standard and widely used word for “other” in the Spanish language. It can refer to something or someone different, alternative, additional, or distinct from what has been mentioned before.When filling in the crossword puzzle, keep in mind that “otro” is spelled without any accent marks or special characters.

Other Possible Clues

While “otro” is the most common crossword clue for “other” in Spanish, it’s worth considering other possible variations or synonyms that may be used in specific contexts or regional dialects. Some alternative words for “other” in Spanish include:- “Diferente”: This word translates to “different” in English, and it can sometimes be used as a synonym for “other” depending on the context.- “Distinto”: Similar to “diferente,” “distinto” can also mean “different” and may be used as an alternative to “otro” in certain situations.- “Alternativo”: While “alternativo” primarily means “alternative,” it can also be used to convey the idea of “other” or “another” in certain contexts.

Solving the Crossword Puzzle

To solve the crossword puzzle clue for “other” in Spanish, it’s important to consider the length of the word, the available letters from intersecting words, and the overall theme or context of the puzzle. If “otro” fits with the available letters and aligns with the given clues, it is likely the correct answer.Remember to examine the surrounding clues and cross-references to ensure coherence and consistency throughout the puzzle. Solving crosswords can be an engaging and rewarding way to expand your vocabulary and test your language skills.


When faced with a crossword clue related to “other” in Spanish, the most common answer is “otro.” However, it’s important to consider other possible variations or synonyms depending on the specific context of the puzzle. By utilizing your knowledge of the Spanish language and considering the clues provided, you can successfully decipher the crossword clue and complete the puzzle. Enjoy the challenge and the satisfaction of finding the correct answer!
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