Spanish Eddie Laura Branigan Lyrics

How to Say “Spanish Eddie” Laura Branigan Lyrics in Spanish


Laura Branigan’s hit song “Spanish Eddie” is a catchy tune that combines English and Spanish lyrics. If you’re a fan of the song and want to understand and sing along to the Spanish parts, this article will guide you through the correct pronunciation and translation of those lyrics. So, let’s dive in!

Verse 1

The first verse of “Spanish Eddie” goes like this:”Hola, Eddie, ¿cómo estás?Dime qué pasa, ¿qué hay de nuevo?Ven a bailar, quiero verte gozarEn mi corazón, siempre serás bienvenido”Translation:”Hello, Eddie, how are you?Tell me what’s going on, what’s new?Come dance, I want to see you enjoyIn my heart, you will always be welcome”To pronounce these lyrics correctly, remember that “h” is silent in Spanish, and “c” is pronounced like “k.” The accent marks indicate the stressed syllables.


The chorus of “Spanish Eddie” is as follows:”Spanish Eddie, baila conmigoSpanish Eddie, ven y síguemeSpanish Eddie, baila conmigoSpanish Eddie, ven y sígueme”Translation:”Spanish Eddie, dance with meSpanish Eddie, come and follow meSpanish Eddie, dance with meSpanish Eddie, come and follow me”The pronunciation of the chorus is similar to the verse. Remember to pronounce the double “ll” as “y” in Spanish, and “g” before “i” or “e” is pronounced like the “h” in the English word “hello.”

Verse 2

The second verse of “Spanish Eddie” goes like this:”Eddie, mi amigo, eres el reySiempre alegre, nunca te rindesCon tu ritmo y tu alma latinaHaces que el mundo se ponga a bailar”Translation:”Eddie, my friend, you are the kingAlways happy, never giving upWith your rhythm and Latin soulYou make the world dance”Remember to roll the “r” in “amigo” and “reír” for an authentic Spanish pronunciation. The word “ritmo” is pronounced as “reet-mo.”


Now that you know how to say and understand the Spanish lyrics in Laura Branigan’s “Spanish Eddie,” you can fully enjoy the song and sing along with confidence. Remember to practice the pronunciation and pay attention to the stressed syllables and accent marks. ¡Disfruta la música! (Enjoy the music!)Whether you’re a language enthusiast or simply a fan of Laura Branigan, knowing the meaning and pronunciation of foreign lyrics adds an extra layer of appreciation to the music. So, next time you listen to “Spanish Eddie,” you’ll be able to connect with the song on a deeper level.
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