Sister in Spanish

sister in Spanish

How to translate sister in Spanish?

Let’s find out what does sister mean.

sister – hermana

1- “Una hermana” is a person who has the same parents with different personalities, this is also called a “hermana carnal” (carnal sister).



sister family in spanish

Hermana (Sister)


2- You can also call  “hermana” who is very close and who you has a lot of affection for, this is called “hermana política”



I love my sister – Yo amo a mi hermana

Your sister is beatitful – Tu hermana es hermosa

She is my sister – Ella es mi hermana 


3. In religion, a person who is a member of a religious community brother of the Christian Doctrine, or who enters as a servant in a religious community is called “hermana”(sister) or “hermano” (brother).

4. A person who you are emotionally or spiritually united is called “hermana”.

5. There are also the “hermana bastarda”(bastard sister) or ” hermano bastardo” (bastard brother) and it is a legitimate child, that born out of wedlock.

6. There are also “las hermanas de leche” (milk sisters) or “hermanos de leche”(milk brothers), which are two people without blood ties but breastfed by the same woman. 

7. A “hermano consanguíneo” (consanguineous brother) or “hermana consanguínea” (consanguineous sister) is called the one who is only on the part of the father and the “hermano uterino” (uterine brother ) or “hermana de utero” (uterine sister) is who only on the part of the mother. 

8. The “gemelos” (twins) are the ones who were born at the same birth.

9. The “hermano mayor” (older brother) or “hermana mayor” (older sister)

10. The “hermano menor” (younger brother) or “hermana menor” (younger sister)(little sister)

11.  “Hermanas(os) siameses” (siamese twins) are those who are born conjoined by some part of the body or babies who are born physically connected.

12. The “hermanos mellizos” (twin brothers) or “hermanas mellizas” (twin sisters) also known as dizygotic, bivitelline or fraternal twins, are those that are produced by the fertilization of two eggs by two different sperm. In this way, the result is two brothers that can be similar or very different, that are born at the same time.

13. The half brother is called “hermanastro” (stepbrother) or “hermanastra” (stepsister), son or daughter of one of the spouses concerning the children of the other.

Spanish Vocabulary

sister – hermana

brother – hermano

sister in law – cuñada

brother in law – cuñado

hermana carnal – carnal sister

hermano carnal – carnal brother

bastard sister – hermana bastarda

bastard brother – hermano bastardo

stepbrother – hermanastro

stepsister – hermanastra

twins – gemelos

older brother – hermano mayor

older sister – hermana mayor

younger brother – hermano menor

younger sister – hermana menor

siamese twins – hermanas(os ) siameses

consanguineous brother – hermano consanguíneo

consanguineous sister – hermana consanguínea

twin brothers – hermanos mellizos

twin sisters – hermanas mellizas

 Sentences with the word sister in Spanish:

¿Cuántos años tiene tu hermana?How old is your sister?
Mi hermana trabaja como contadora en una empresa de mensajería.My sister works as an accountant in a courier company.
La hermana de Elena está embarazada.Elena’s sister is pregnant.
He recibido muy buenos consejos de parte de mi hermana.I have received very good advice from my sister.
La hermana de Manuel es muy hermosa.Manuel’s sister is very beautiful.
¿Por qué tu hermana no vino a la fiesta?Why didn’t your sister come to the party?
El esposo de tu hermana tuvo un accidente.Your sister’s husband had an accident.
Mi hermana es una persona inteligente y considerada.My sister is an intelligent and considerate person.
¿En cuál universidad estudia tu hermana?In which university does your sister study?
Mi madre trabajo muy duro para darnos un futuro a mí y a mi hermana.My mother worked very hard to give me and my sister a future.
Durante la secundaria mi hermana y yo íbamos juntas a la escuela.During high school my sister and I went to school together.
Me sorprende que tu hermana haya decidido ir a vivir sola.I’m surprised your sister decided to go live alone.
Marcos tiene una hermana pequeña.Mark has a little sister.
¿Cómo se llama tu hermana?What’s your sister’s name?
A mi hermana le gusta mucho el helado de chocolate.My sister really likes chocolate ice cream.
Mi hermana mayor salió con sus amigas.My older sister went out with her friends.
Elena tiene una hermana que trabaja como modelo en una revista.Elena has a sister who works as a model in a magazine.
Mi padre le compro un auto nuevo a mi hermana.My father bought a new car for my sister.
El novio de mi hermana es bastante celoso.My sister’s boyfriend is quite jealous.
¿Dónde está tu hermana?Where’s your sister?
Mi hermana se encuentra viajando constantemente.My sister is constantly traveling.
La hermana de mi vecina es una muy buena repostera.My neighbor’s sister is a very good pastry chef.
¿Cuál de ellas es tu hermana?Which one of them is your sister?
Alejandro tiene una hermana que estudia biología.Alejandro has a sister who studies biology.
No puedo creer que mi hermana no haya venido.I can’t believe my sister hasn’t come.
Mi hermana está embarazada de mellizos.My sister is pregnant with twins.
No tengo ninguna hermana.I do not have any sisters.
Mi mejor amiga es como una hermana para mí.My best friend is like a sister to me.
A Roberto le gusta tu hermana.Roberto likes your sister.
Prefiero tener una hermana mayor que una menor.I’d rather have an older sister than a younger one.

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