Share in Spanish

How do you say ‘share in Spanish’?. The word ‘share’ means giving part of what you have to another so that you can enjoy it together, use or possess something in common or do something together with someone. Sharing is the reciprocal act of something, whether it is material or not. By sharing we are being generous and kind, this being a positive act.

Share in Spanish

How to translate share in Spanish?

share – compartir


Tracey: Ven, quiero compartir esta información contigo | Come, I want to share this information with you
John: Espera, voy para allá ahora | Wait, I’m going there now


Vamos a compartir todos juntos
Voy a compartir esta foto en el Facebook
Quiero compartir esta importante información
Mi familia y yo compartimos todos juntos
Ellos comparten juntos en el parque
Tú puedes compartir tus conocimientos


Let’s all share together
I will share this photo on Facebook
I want to share this important information
My family and I share all together
They share together in the park
You can share your knowledge

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