Santo Santo Santo Lyrics Spanish

How to Say “Santo Santo Santo” Lyrics in Spanish


Santo Santo Santo is a popular Christian hymn that is sung in churches all over the world. Originally written in English as “Holy, Holy, Holy,” it has been translated into various languages, including Spanish. If you’re interested in learning how to say the lyrics of this beautiful hymn in Spanish, this article is for you!

Verse 1

The first verse of Santo Santo Santo goes like this in Spanish:Santo, santo, santo,Dios poderoso,Solo tú eres santo,Solo tú, Señor.This translates to:Holy, holy, holy,Mighty God,Only You are holy,Only You, Lord.

Verse 2

The second verse continues as follows:Santo, santo, santo,Todos te adoran,Con querubines y serafinesTe cantan, Señor.In English, this would be:Holy, holy, holy,All adore You,With cherubim and seraphim,They sing to You, Lord.


The chorus of Santo Santo Santo is repeated after each verse:Eres santo, eres santo,Eres santo, Señor,Eres santo, eres santo,Eres santo, Señor.Which translates to:You are holy, you are holy,You are holy, Lord,You are holy, you are holy,You are holy, Lord.

Verse 3

Moving on to the third verse:Santo, santo, santo,Toda la tierra te adora,Señor de majestad,Que al mundo salvó.As you can see, this is equivalent to:Holy, holy, holy,All the earth adores You,Lord of majesty,Who saved the world.


Learning how to say the lyrics of Santo Santo Santo in Spanish allows you to join in worship and praise in Spanish-speaking congregations. The hymn’s powerful words convey the holiness and majesty of God, and by singing it in Spanish, you can appreciate the beauty of the language.Remember to pronounce each word clearly and pay attention to the accents because they determine the stress of the syllables. Practice with the lyrics several times to become more comfortable with the pronunciation and flow of the song.Whether you’re attending a Spanish church service, participating in a Spanish worship event, or simply broadening your language skills, knowing how to say Santo Santo Santo in Spanish is a valuable asset. Embrace the opportunity to connect with fellow Spanish-speaking believers and experience the transcendence and unity that music can bring.So, next time you find yourself in a Spanish-speaking church, don’t hesitate to join in singing Santo Santo Santo. Let the words of this beloved hymn fill your heart with praise and adoration for our holy God.
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