Robbed in Spanish

How to Say Robbed in Spanish


When traveling to a Spanish-speaking country or interacting with Spanish speakers, it’s important to know how to express yourself in various situations. One such situation is when you have been robbed or want to talk about a theft incident. In this article, we will explore different ways to say “robbed” in Spanish, allowing you to communicate effectively and seek assistance if needed.

Vocabulary for Robbery

To begin, let’s familiarize ourselves with some essential vocabulary related to robbery:1. Robbery – Robo2. Robber – Ladrón3. Victim – Víctima4. Theft – Hurto5. Stolen – Robado6. Pickpocket – Carterista7. Burglary – Robo con allanamiento de morada8. Assault – Asalto9. Mugging – Atraco10. Break-in – Escalamiento

Common Expressions

Now, let’s explore some common expressions and phrases you can use to talk about being robbed:1. I was robbed – Fui robado/a2. They stole my wallet – Me robaron la cartera3. I was a victim of theft – Fui víctima de hurto4. I was pickpocketed – Me hicieron carterismo5. My phone got stolen – Me robaron el teléfono6. I was assaulted – Fui asaltado/a7. I was mugged – Fui atracado/a8. There was a break-in at my house – Hubo un escalamiento en mi casa

Asking for Help

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to seek assistance after being robbed, here are some useful phrases to use:1. Help! I’ve been robbed! – ¡Ayuda! ¡Me robaron!2. Can you call the police? – ¿Puedes llamar a la policía?3. I need to report a theft – Necesito denunciar un robo4. Is there a police station nearby? – ¿Hay una comisaría cerca?5. I lost all my money – Perdí todo mi dinero6. Could you lend me your phone? – ¿Me podrías prestar tu teléfono?7. I need to cancel my credit cards – Necesito cancelar mis tarjetas de crédito

Preventing Robbery

While it’s essential to know how to express yourself after being robbed, it’s even more important to take precautions and prevent such incidents. Here are some tips to help you stay safe:1. Keep your belongings secure – Mantén tus pertenencias seguras2. Be aware of your surroundings – Estate atento/a a tu entorno3. Avoid displaying valuable items – Evita mostrar objetos de valor4. Use well-lit and crowded areas – Utiliza áreas bien iluminadas y concurridas5. Keep important documents and extra cash in a safe place – Guarda documentos importantes y dinero extra en un lugar seguro6. Don’t carry large sums of money – No lleves grandes sumas de dinero contigo7. Stay vigilant in crowded places – Mantente vigilante en lugares concurridos8. Use locks and security devices for your belongings – Utiliza cerraduras y dispositivos de seguridad para tus pertenencias


Being able to communicate effectively in Spanish when discussing a robbery or seeking help is crucial. By learning the different expressions and vocabulary related to being robbed, you can navigate such situations more confidently. Remember to also take preventive measures to minimize the risk of theft. Stay safe and enjoy your travels or interactions in Spanish-speaking countries!
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