Refried beans in Spanish

How to say refried beans in Spanish?. Refried beans, are a traditional Mexican dish made with beans. They are generally created using pinto beans, but some cooks use red or pink beans. The beans are boiled and then mashed, and cooked a second time over low heat. The name in Spanish translates to ” frijoles refritos ” and is an adequate description of how the dish is prepared.

To make basic refried beans, kidney or pinto beans are cooked thoroughly and then excess water or broth is drained. While still hot, the beans are mashed until there are no more than a few lumps remaining. Simple spices, such as salt and pepper, are sometimes added during the mashing process. Once the ingredients are fully mixed, the mixture is placed in a pan and cooked over low heat. In order to enhance the flavor, the lard is often melted in the pan just before the bean mixture is introduced, although shortening or vegetable oil can be used instead.

Refried beans in Spanish

How do you say ‘Refried beans’ in Spanish?

This term is translated as ‘frijoles refritos’.


beans – frijoles

fried – frito(a), freído

refried – refrito(a), refreído

Sentences with the term refried beans in Spanish

Me encantan los frijoles refritos.I love refried beans.
Exquisita ensalada de frijoles refritos.Exquisite refried bean salad.
Como preparas los frijoles refritos.How do you prepare refried beans?
Mi abuelita nos hacía frijoles refritos.My grandmother used to make us refried beans.
Con las judías hacemos frijoles refritos.With the beans we make refried beans.
Los frijoles refritos son oriundos de España.Refried beans are native to Spain.
El garbanzo es delicioso como frijoles refritos.Chickpea is delicious as refried beans.
En el restaurante donde fuimos no había frijoles refritos.At the restaurant we went to there were no refried beans.
Al niño le fascinan los frijoles refritos.The boy loves refried beans.
Ojalá y hoy vendieran frijoles refritos.I wish and today they sold refried beans.
Que caros están los frijoles refritos.How expensive are refried beans?
Al Coqui le gustan los frijoles refritos.Coqui likes refried beans.
Mi hermana detesta los frijoles refritos.My sister hates refried beans.
En Venezuela nos daban muchos frijoles refritos.In Venezuela they gave us a lot of refried beans.
Se echaron a perder los frijoles refritos.The refried beans went bad.
¿Cómo se harán los frijoles refritos?How will the refried beans be made?
Que rico están los frijoles refritos.How delicious are the refried beans.
Con frijoles negros quedarán buenos los frijoles refritos.With black beans refried beans will be good.
Con frijol caritas haremos frijoles refritos.With black-eyed beans we will make refried beans.
A los frijoles refritos le echaremos cebollitas.To the refried beans we will add onions.
Se quemaron los frijoles refritos.Refried beans burned.
En el hotel no ofertan frijoles refritos.They don’t offer refried beans at the hotel.
Hasta en Qatar comen frijoles refritos.Even in Qatar they eat refried beans.
Se le echaran chorizos a los frijoles refritos.Sausages will be added to the refried beans.
Los frijoles refritos se comerán como entrantes.Refried beans will be eaten as starters.
Un famoso restaurante no expende frijoles refritos.A famous restaurant does not sell refried beans.
En esta guardia comeremos deliciosos frijoles refritos.In this watch we will eat delicious refried beans.
A Tato no le gusta cocinar los frijoles refritos.Tato doesn’t like to cook refried beans.
Ayer me regalaron un caldero de frijoles refritos.Yesterday I got a pot of refried beans.
Por poquito me indigesto con esos frijoles refritos.I almost indigestible with those refried beans.
Me encantan los frijoles refritos.I love refried beans.
Son deliciosos los frijoles refritos.Refried beans are delicious.
Mami está cocinando frijoles refritos.Mommy is cooking refried beans.
Hoy comimos frijoles refritos.Today we ate refried beans.
Cenaremos frijoles refritos con pollo.We’ll have refried beans and chicken for dinner.
Los frijoles refritos están calientes.Refried beans are hot.
Los frijoles refritos ya están terminados.The refried beans are now finished.
A ella le gusta comer frijoles refritos.She likes to eat refried beans.

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