Questions in Spanish

How do you say ‘questions in Spanish’?. The word ‘questions’ is the interpellation that is made with the purpose of obtaining some type of information or data. When we ask the question, we expect to receive a response that includes the information sought.

Questions in Spanish

How to translate questions in Spanish?

questions – preguntas

question – pregunta

to ask- preguntar

answers – respuestas

answer – respuesta

to answer – responder


Nessy: Luis, necesito hacerte algunas preguntas | Luis, I need to ask you some questions
Luis: Sí, pregúntame | Yes, ask me


En la reunión hicieron muchas preguntas.
El examen tenía alrededor de cien preguntas.
¿Por qué me haces tantas preguntas?
No me gustan esas preguntas
¿Cuántas preguntas me vas a hacer?
Tengo que hacerte más preguntas
Dame la respuesta a esta pregunta


At the meeting they asked many questions.
The exam had about a hundred questions.
Why are you asking me so many questions?
I don’t like those questions
How many questions are you going to ask me?
I have to ask you more questions
Give me the answer to this question

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